Cat grooming

Cats, by their nature, animals are masterful and independent, not endure often no interference with their lifestyle. But to the owner You have to periodically carry out various procedures: combing wool, bathing, cutting nails and wool. Rare cats with joy carry all these actions performed by the owner’s hand. And if trim the claws and comb out the cat is relatively easy, then a haircut can terrify both the animal and the owner. Cat’s haircut home conditions are almost always exciting because not everyone the owner owns hairdressing, and not every cat different calm disposition. Consider the main nuances of haircuts our four-legged friends.

Why and when should a cat be trimmed

Haircuts for cats can be divided into two categories – with hygienic purpose and to participate in the exhibition. And if in the first case a haircut can be carried out by the owner, then for the exhibition always turn to groomer professionals who help achieve perfect appearance of the animal. So, haircuts for cats осуществляются:Grooming a cat

  • В тех случаях, когда у кошки слишком длинная шерсть, требующаяdaily thorough care;
  • When a cat has tangles;
  • When it is necessary to treat the skin of an animal (for example, with ringworm);
  • To avoid swallowing large quantities of wool (which leads to digestive problems);
  • If the animal falls out too much hair during molting, which settles on clothes, furniture;
  • If you need a model haircut (for an exhibition, photo shoot and other).

Grooming a cat by a groom

At the request of the owner, a veterinarian or professional “cat stylist” may carry out the procedure on his territory, or may come from all the necessary equipment on the house to the owner and nothing unsuspecting cat. Choosing a haircut location may be due to the nature of the animal, its attitude towards outsiders to people. Grooming a catSometimes a cat’s haircut is carried out under the influence of general anesthesia, which is convenient for a specialist, but can harm (a then it’s worth the life) of the animal. Since for the introduction of anesthesia there are a lot of contraindications, it is hardly worth exposing a cat such a risk. Experienced masters caring for animals like usually try to find a common language without medication interventions, acting like real psychologists. Specialist carry out a haircut in accordance with the wishes of the client, for work he will need only a table and a little help from the owner (if haircut is carried out at home). If the cat owner can correctly cut the cat’s claws without affecting the vessels and nerves endings, then this can be done in advance (or you can trust groomer). In some cases, when the animal is afraid and resists, a protective collar is put on him.

Cat grooming at home

If for any reason the owner of the animal wishes to commit haircut yourself, then you should be patient and calmness. Rarely do cats behave calmly during haircuts wool. That is why it is advisable to enlist the support of a friend or a relative so that he fixes the animal. Not bad also consider the presence of protective hands, chest and belly clothing. For cat haircuts are required: prepared and covered surface (стол, гладильная доска или др.), ножницы, расческа.Trimmed catПосле стрижки животное нужно будетbathe or at least wipe with a damp towel to remove cut hairs. The haircut itself is carried out by removing hairs from the sides, back, abdomen of a cat. Wool on paws and tail, usually remains untouched. Genital area, nipples, cat axillas should be trimmed as much as possible delicately. If the cat has tangled hair, the owner must gently shear the cleaver with scissors. In no case the cat’s mustache and eyebrows should be cut, as these organs of touch extremely important for the animal. The cat’s face itself should be trimmed as delicately as possible (or stay untouched at all) to avoid eye injuries. Not every cat owner Will be able to accurately make a haircut, so a great alternative scissors will be a clipper for animals. But there is pitfalls – additionally from stress from the procedure itself cat will be frightened by the noise of the device. Often to prevent scratches simultaneously with the haircut, a shortening procedure is also performed claws (ordinary scissors can be replaced by a grinder).

In which cases a cat haircut is undesirable

Grooming a cat does a lot of damage to the nerves of the animal. Far from each owner is able to control his emotions and calm cat while cutting. Some cats react so violently on the process of shearing wool, which has to be done with bathing and daily combing of wool. If the cat is not involved in exhibitions and titles she does not need, perhaps you should refrain from haircuts. You can trim a calm cat yourself well, but masterful beauty (or handsome) is unlikely to give the owner carry out hairdressing manipulations. By the way, if a haircut necessary, and it will be a professional, not worth it resort to anesthesia. It can cause irreparable harm to the animal, after all, it is far from always possible to calculate and anticipate a reaction organism to medicines.

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