Cat deprivation: causes and treatment

Cat deprivation is a fairly common disease that has infectious nature and dermatophyte caused by fungi. To to prescribe the correct pet treatment regimen, it is necessary correctly diagnose, and establish the causes of illnesses.


  • 1 What is lichen
  • 2 Reasons
  • 3 What it looks like
    • 3.1 Ringworm
    • 3.2 Piggy or multi-colored
    • 3.3 Pink, or lichen gibber
    • 3.4 Wet
    • 3.5 lichen planus
  • 4 How to determine
  • 5 Why is it dangerous
  • 6 Home treatment
    • 6.1 Drug treatment
    • 6.2 Folk remedies
  • 7 Is lichen transmitted from a cat transmitted and how to treat it
  • 8 Prevention

What is lichen

The microflora of any cat’s skin is an open system, characterized by the presence of microorganisms of three types:

  • resident – forming permanent and long-lived colonies;
  • temporary – settling on the surface of the skin, but able to penetrate any wounds, provoking them infection
  • nomads – pathogens that penetrate the skin barriers.

The composition of stable microflora in healthy cats is constant and able to prevent the appearance of colonies of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, and malfunctions of the immune system and disturbances in the microflora cause dermatomycosis, or lichen. A disease like lichen can cause active reproduction of pathogens, which in small quantities are part of the usual microflora.

Reasons for the appearance

Deprive the bald cat

The constant presence of a cat at home will not save her from the disease

Reasons for cat depriving are presented microorganisms Trichophyton, Microsporum canis and Microsporum gypseum. In the first case, trichophytosis occurs, and with two other microscopic fungi appear microsporia. Pathogenic microscopic fungi get on the wool from other animals or from the environment.

Infection of a pet occurs when it gets fungal dispute in warm and humid conditions. Such disputes are capable of prolonged time stored on furniture and carpets, as well as released during the molting process. Domestic cats most often become infected if spores of pathogenic fungi are brought into the house on street shoes or animal walked on the street. Rodents and ectoparasites also play a huge role in the spread of various species of lichen.

Bald cats – sphinxes can also get lichen. Moreover, how shows veterinary practice, the incidence of skin diseases sphinxes have the highest cover compared to others cat breeds.

What does it look like

Scheme of prescribed therapy and total duration of treatment directly depend on the species characteristics of fungal pathology. Modern veterinarians distinguish several types of feline depriving.



Ringworm is one of the most common types

The main feature of which is the presence of focal baldness framed by a large number of broken hairs.

Pityriasis or colorful


The disease is more likely to affect oily animals. skin

Is a disease of the upper skin layers caused by three types of yeast-like fungi. The formation of small colored spots on skin and the appearance of dandruff most often occurs with the onset hot and humid days.

Pink, or zhiber’s lichen

Pink lichen

Pink lichen is one of the most serious diseases in cats

Infectious pathology, presumably of a viral nature, caused by herpevirus. A characteristic feature is the presence of several not too large lesions and one of the most big, appearing first.


Soaking versicolor

Soaking lichen may be caused by an allergy to feed

It is not transmitted to people and has a non-fungal nature. The main the causes of the appearance of this type of lichen are represented by hormonal failure, tearing of the nervous system, the presence of parasites and allergies.

Lichen planus


In the course of the development of the disease, lichen merges into a large focus

Appears in case of malfunctions in the functioning of the immune system, and infections, chronic diseases can serve as a trigger and adverse external factors. The foci of pathology are presented small plaques with a shiny red surface.

How to determine

Definition of depriving a cat

It is not recommended to start self-treatment depriving before until you are convinced of the correct diagnosis

It is not too difficult for a specialist to diagnose lichen, but it is necessary to distinguish this pathology from allergic reactions and dermatitis. When depriving stains are correct the outline and clear boundaries, and allergies are accompanied swelling of the skin. Among other things, the difference from dermatitis and allergies is hyperthermia caused by general weakening immunity.

The easiest test for lichen is to use ultraviolet lamps, but the accuracy of this method is not higher than 40%. A special analysis for lichen is ready in a day, and according to it the veterinarian selects the most effective results medicine.

The first signs of lichen are presented:

  • the appearance on the skin areas of foci without wool;
  • hair loss between molts;
  • slow fouling after shedding;
  • itching and combed spots on the skin;
  • profuse dandruff.

It is sometimes possible to independently detect a disease in a cat difficult. Partially hide in the pet’s hair affected by depriving areas, and the habit of licking often well masks the presence of itching.

Why is it dangerous

Cat lichen is dangerous for people. Fungal spores remain on the ground, cat litter, as well as clothing, shoes and pieces of furniture, from where they easily fall on the skin of a person, causing the development of the disease. Treatment involves more than just prescribing strong medicines, but also a thorough disinfection of the house, personal items and household items.

In some cases, the treatment process may be sufficient. long, up to several months, and on the skin after healing, the presence of a pet hairless or depigmented spots. If deprive the four-legged if the pet is not treated, then it can both go blind and die.

Home treatment

In the early stages of infection and in the treatment of pregnant women cats are strongly recommended to use folk means. Treating Complicated Pets or forms of any kind must be entrusted to doctors in specialized veterinary clinic, after Woodd lamp diagnostics, fungal culture inoculation and research under the microscope.

The mild form is treated quickly enough, therefore in young animal traces of the disease disappear after about 7-10 days. AT long-term therapy is needed for older pets and cats suffering severe form of the disease. The treatment regimen must necessarily include self drugs to enhance immunity.

Means of local use, represented by ointments, sprays, creams, shampoos and drops can be supplemented with vaccines, tablets, immunomodulators and vitamins. Plot growth wool damage is a sign of cure which is good noticeable even with the naked eye.

Drug treatment

Currently pharmaceutical industry a huge number of special drugs are produced, aimed at the prevention and treatment of depriving at home pets.

Капли и спрей “Fungin” используются в течение 10–15 дней, ноare toxic, so you need to consider everything contraindications.


This product is not suitable for the treatment of pregnant cats and kittens

Zoo shampoo is highly effective and not only therapeutic, but also a pronounced preventive effect. Recommended give preference to shampoos, which contain ketoconazole, miconazole or enilconazole.

Ointment “NM BK” based on sulfur, salicylic acid, zinc oxide, lanolin, lysol, turpentine, petroleum jelly and tar can save cat from lichen, eczema and trichophytosis, as well as some other dermatological diseases.

Ointment for depriving

Ointment is a gentle composition of active ingredients, which cures most cat skin diseases

Injections for vaccinating an animal against lichen may be presented Means “Wackderm”, “Polivak-TM” and “Microderm”.

Pharmacy iodine or brilliant green, as well as fucorcin are processed the places affected by the fungal infection and the entire area around them are two once a day.

Sulfur ointment has a pronounced antimicrobial activity and quickly recovers all affected fungal epidermal disease.

Sulfuric ointment

Sulfur ointment – an inexpensive and effective remedy for lichen

Chlorhexidine bigluconate is an affordable pharmacy allowing to perform a fairly frequent treatment of affected patches of skin, especially in the presence of weeping lichen.

Tablets and capsules represented by systemic drugs Griseofulvin, as well as Itraconazole, Ketoconazole and “Fluconazole” are prescribed only by a specialist with optimal calculation dosage and total duration of therapy.

Folk remedies

The main folk remedies that have proven their effectiveness in treating lichen in pets:

  • rubbing celandine juice, which is applied to inflammation and gently rubbed every five hours;
  • ash-oil mask, which is applied to iodine-disinfected wounds and has a pronounced drying effect;
  • a mixture based on an equal amount of vegetable oil, valerian and iodine is used to treat lesions several times a day.

Solution based on 30 ml of alcohol and acetylsalicylic tablet acid very well and quickly dries sores, forming a hard crust, which subsequently disappears on its own.

Is lichen transmitted from a cat transmitted and how to treat it

Deprive a person

With depriving a person may experience a sharp increase body temperature and a marked increase in lymph nodes

Lichen is dangerous to humans, and especially to children. Infection with acute anthropozoonosis is more common only people with weakened immunity are exposed. how Typically, the incubation period is from one week to two to three months.

Immediately after the examination, specific antifungal drugs, as well as immunomodulators for activation immunity and local treatment of affected by lichen is carried out skin areas with special antiseptic compounds.

It should be noted that the dog can also become infected from we deprive cats, therefore a sick animal must be isolated on treatment time, and the house must be very thorough general disinfection.


Cat Hygiene

An important component of preventing lichen is proper animal hygiene

Active prevention activities not only prevent the development of the disease, but also guaranteed stop the spread of pathogenic microflora in case of detecting foci of the disease. Basic preventive measures represented by:

  • Pet contact with street animals or having signs of cat disease;
  • disinfection of rooms with hard surfaces hot solution based on laundry soap. Carpets and fabrics treated with steam with a solution of chlorhexidine;
  • replacing the entire inventory of the animal, including bowls and collars, and also toys;
  • the introduction of quarantine for a sick pet;
  • compliance with hygiene measures and maintenance rules an animal;
  • increased immunity of cats at any age;
  • providing the right diet.

Active prophylaxis is carried out by special monovalent and associated vaccines to be administered to the animal in preventive dose.

For example, a consistently good result gives timely use of the vaccine vaccine “Wackderm F”.

The guarantee of the most effective treatment for feline lichen is the stability of prevention and clear compliance with all medical prescriptions. Rid a cat of lichen without application special medicines are almost impossible.

Extremely high activity of fungal spores, as well as their excellent safety even in absolutely adverse conditions environment must be considered when choosing the type antiseptic and all disinfection events.

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