Cat and horse: friend and companion

Love of evil – love the cat too. On a small American farm Champi’s bay horse strangely attached to the unfortunate a shelter kitten; since then Champi and Morris have been inseparable for six years.

Yes, exactly six years ago Jennifer Boyle brought to her farm little black and white kitten: the woman’s heart trembled when I saw this nonsense in a shelter for abandoned animals. To that at the moment, two cats and three horses already lived on the farm. It is Champi for some reason I was imbued with a special tenderness to the newcomer.

Cat and horse

Morris was shocked at first by the dimensions of his girlfriend, but quickly got used to and learned to ride a horse. Caudate a jockey jumps on Champi not from the ground, but from a fence post, which the merry farmer now calls “bus stop. ”

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