Can puppies from different males

Choose one of the adorable mixed breed puppies. to be not an easy task. In addition, it can be even more difficult if each puppy has a unique appearance. Despite the fact that in one litter there cannot be purebred puppies of different breeds, puppies may be in the same litter from different fathers.

Can puppies from different males


Superfoundation (lat. “Superfertilization”) – a term denoting the fertilization of two or more eggs by different by males. In other words, when in the same litter puppies from different fathers are present. This is not only possible in dogs. and cats, although rare enough, in humans it is also possible a situation where twins can have different biological fathers.

When 2 purebred dogs mate, but some of the puppies in the litter, obviously, do not belong to their breed, the owner may suspect that they have another father somewhere. No DNA test in In such cases, the situation is difficult to clarify, because sometimes it only assumptions. However, if the mother is a Labrador, but some of the puppies can boast of poodle hair, most likely there were a few guys.

How does this happen

During estrus, the dog attracts males for seven or more days. If during this period she mates with more than puppies, respectively, may have different fathers. AT while few people intentionally mate a bitch with more than one male, she may have several males if the dog is in the period estrus goes beyond the boundaries of his home and meets different dogs.

Due to the developed sense of smell, full-fledged males on the street easily find a dog during estrus. Bitches also leave clues for males in their urine. If your dog gets lost during estrus even for a short time, then to determine a possible pregnancy show it to the vet.

Hybrid breeds

Puppies of different males cannot belong to different breeds, but it is likely that some of them will be purebred, while while others are “designer,” or mixed. Many hybrid or mixed breeds are well known in appearance and size, so to a certain extent you can always predict their future size and character. To similar breeds include, for example, “Labradoodly” and “Goldenndoodle” – poodle hybrids with a labrador and a golden retriever.

DNA testing

Determining the origin of the puppy today is not a problem, because DNA testing is available. This method is used by to the whole world since the end of the 90s. In addition, the American Club dog breeding in the USA allows all puppies to be registered, even if they are in the same litter and belong to different breeds, if these puppies have a complete DNA test and their parents are known.

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