Can grapes be dangerous for dogs and is it dangerous

It is generally accepted that the diet of dogs should not be particularly diverse, and most importantly, its balance and benefits. But in practice, many four-legged ones turn out to be true gourmets, and the monotony of food makes dogs bored. Some love vegetables other fruits, for the third there is nothing tastier than bread crumbs. TO Unfortunately, not all “snacks” are suitable for feeding dogs, but some are truly harmful. For example, among dog breeders do not cease disputes about whether grapes can be used for dogs, and despite the fact that experts argue about its danger to an animal organism, it was not succeeded to confirm similar yet.

Grapes: what is the danger

This fruiting vine gives a harvest of delicious, juicy berries. There is a cultivated plant of this species, and wild. Cultivated grapes are not only edible for people, but also very helpful. Its fruits are consumed in fresh, dried, canned, dried, and oil is made from seeds. In addition, the production of wines and balsams is well developed. made from grapes. Can grapes be dangerous for dogs and is it dangerous to read the article

At first glance it might seem that treating this juicy you can treat your favorite pet, especially if the dog loves sweet and will not refuse a couple of delicious berries. However veterinarians include both grapes and its dried version – raisins, to the most toxic natural products for dogs! And it doesn’t matter, grown fruits on an organic plantation, without use artificial fertilizers or in a city with emissions and gas pollution – they are poisonous anyway.

Not immediately, but the doctors nevertheless in 1989 managed to find out that the development of renal failure in dogs in acute form associated with the use of grapes or raisins by animals. And since then scientists are trying to find out why this product provokes intoxication in the body.

Grapes are characterized by a rich composition, it includes more seven dozen different components – moisture, fiber, vitamin and mineral substances, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, etc. But similar elements are included in other vegetable products, however their use does not lead to the development of an acute reaction. And when you consider that grapes in a bowl animals gets not so often, but the amount of many substances in quite low, there are more and more questions.

This prompted veterinarians to think that danger lies not in the components of the fruit, but in their combination. Composition the grape is unique and you can only find similar, but not the same berries. In addition, there are many varieties of this fruit crop, and their fruits have a different composition. Perhaps some types of grapes are not harmful to dogs, but which namely, to date, it has not been possible to find out.

How to understand that a pet has been poisoned

Should the owner be worried if his pet feasts grapes? In most cases, the answer is yes. But at first it’s impossible to detect intoxication of the body, since for the manifestation of the first signs of pathological processes It may take several hours.

Recommended within 5-6 hours after eating harmful observe the condition of the dog, even with a slight malaise should take the dog to a veterinary clinic. Initial symptoms occur after 4-6 hours. Clinical The picture accompanying grape poisoning is as follows:

  • vomiting, in vomit not fully digested grapes
  • diarrhea – frequent and profuse;
  • copious salivation or complete absence of salivation;
  • lowering body temperature;
  • loss of appetite, up to a complete rejection of food;
  • the dog becomes lethargic, lethargic, starts plaintively whimper.

On palpation of the peritoneum, you can find that its walls have come into tone is a sure sign of severe soreness. Toxic shock can last up to 2 days, and without emergency help the animal dies.

What can be done if the owner has identified individual symptoms poisoning, but he does not know for sure whether the dog ate berries and vomiting is absent? It’s worth offering your pet water or “goodies”, and if he rejects the offer, despite the dry mouth cavities, you should immediately bring the dog to the veterinarian or call a doctor at home. How to understand that the pet was poisoned

You should know that for a dog of average size, weighing no more 20 kg, 8-10 grapes are a dangerous dosage. Moreover, for poisoning is enough to use only 3-4 raisins. Important warn the specialist about his suspicions, as the symptoms similar to many pathological conditions, and procrastination with treatment can threaten the animal with fatal outcome.

It is necessary to follow the prescribed treatment regimen, it is prescribed according to an individual program and only after receiving results analyzes – blood, urine, abdominal ultrasound cavities and kidneys.

A pet’s death due to eating grapes is the result of acute renal failure. Organism poisoned by the decay products of internal organs and stagnation of urine. If the dog is not helped in time, soon she will show up irreversible damage. With such dire consequences the veterinarian offers the only alternative way – conducting humane euthanasia.

According to statistics, if the owner seeks the help of doctors in the first 16-20 hours, pets survive in 100% of cases. Modern medical facilities recommend leaving a pet in stationary conditions for 1-2 days. In this critical period, the dog receives professional care, medicinal droppers, carried out examination. If the dog is treated on an outpatient basis, then a catheter is placed in vein, prescribed drugs that improve the processes of urine production.

Grapes are a dangerous food for dogs – and although specialists failed to find out the mechanism of action of substances on the body animal, they are 100% sure of the toxicity of this product.

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