Can dogs be given cheese?

Most dogs love cheese and can eat any amount, if they have such an opportunity. This does not mean that such food good for them. Just like humans, dogs can eat many eagerly things, even if they are not safe.

Can dogs be given cheese?

Of course, it’s fun to see a shining dog at the sight of a treat. The reward for good behavior is an important part of the content. dogs. But you must be reasonable and understand that cheese is not the best choice as a treat.

Too much cheese can set a precedent for the dog will consider this the norm. The dog’s main diet should consist of quality feed and fresh water. Result improper feeding may be the dog’s craving for other foods, which are not very good for her health.

But can a dog be given cheese? Answer: if there is occasion

In fact, no reason to give a dog cheese, except for thrills, does not exist. Although the cheese does not carry no harm to dogs, they do not need him at all. Nevertheless, You can include cheese on your dog’s treat list.

Delicacies like cheese should be given unexpectedly so that the dog did not take them for granted, but considered them something special.

The effect of cheese on a dog

If a dog eats too much cheese, then its body cannot digest everything at once, so she is likely to have diarrhea. Some dogs also experience lactose intolerance. additional problems. If you know what your dog has such intolerance, then you should not give her at all cheese.

If you notice any specific behavior after cheese, it’s better to avoid this in the future and find another treat, which is just as tasty, but has no unpleasant consequences.

Keep in mind that dogs do not need a lot of variety. your diet. They can and should eat the same thing every day in day, the main thing is to adhere to quality and suitable feed. Many owners find it rather boring to feed the dog. one and the same, but this is only a human way of thinking.

Random Cheese

If your dog swallowed some cheese or ate all packaging, then you must limit its movement and wait diarrhea. If a fairly reasonable piece of cheese was eaten, then probably there is no reason for alarm, as the dog is most likely will be able to digest it.

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