Camping and no ticks

Colds recede, and ahead the graceful warm season, It’s time for holidays, vacations and various outdoor activities. It would seem that spring and summer are the best time to be with a four-legged favorite, frolic from the soul in the fresh air, gain strength and positive emotions. Alas, with warming for many people rest with a dog in nature becomes a synonym for serious problems, and not without reason – in the grass, among the bushes in the warm season always a lot of ticks.

Tick bite – not only discomfort for the animal, itching, allergies and high probability of infection of the wound, but also a danger infection with a deadly infection. Through tick bites pyroplasmosis, a disease threatening the life of an animal, is transmitted Lyme, borreliosis and other diseases. Small bloodsucker bite often has fatal consequences, mortality rate from infected ixodid ticks are extremely high.

Going out of town or traveling, leaving the dog at home, also not an option: staying on an overexposure or being in being alone is stress for the animal and its owners. The best decision – take your pet with you, after taking care of his protection from ticks and other blood-sucking parasites.

The issue of protection escalates annually in anticipation of warming four-legged pets from bites of dangerous bloodsuckers. It can be difficult recommend one specific remedy for protection dogs heading for a pleasant but potentially dangerous a trip, whether it is a walk through the forest more often, a weekend trip to the cottage or travel to the sea. I want to focus on the fact that outside the room and, especially, urban conditions, to everyone four-legged traveler needs comprehensive protection against bites of dangerous ticks and other types of blood-sucking insects – potential carriers of infection.

To dog breeders who want to be sure that during in the warm season, nothing threatens their pets recommend providing comprehensive protection for dogs. To animals different breeds suitable phased use of antiparasitic Dana products based on fipronil.

I advise you to start treating your pet by spraying on your coat from fleas and ticks, and after 2-3 days put on it anti-parasitic collar, guaranteed exposure period which is 3 months. I note that the protective substances from such a collar are allocated gradually, evenly distributed over the body of the animal with sebum, but for such a distribution It takes about a day and a half. Therefore a tick collar must be worn on the animal well in advance and not before walk, and do not take off during the entire period of exposure. A couple of days after putting on the collar or immediately before a trip / walk in the lap of nature is recommended to put the pet on withers of a drop from fleas and ticks.

The use of protective equipment according to this scheme guarantees reliable protection against bites of dangerous parasites and low toxicity for animal due to the fact that the auxiliary components of each of funds vary, and the amount of the main active substance Do not exceed recommended dosage.

The onset of heat is not a reason to refuse country trips and traveling with your pet for fear of bites ticks. The combined use of various protective equipment from one line will provide a synergy effect and allow owners animals and their four-legged friends enjoy nature without fear before insects – parasites.

Vera Antonova, doctor of the veterinary clinic “Center” on Tsvetnoy boulevard

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