California werewolf dog rescued from of death

Locals from California have long noticed a strange monster, but no one dared to approach him. And after him they nicknamed him a werewolf due to a bald body and mane, like a wolf.

Due to a skin disease, the dog’s coat was peeling off, but some still remained on the scruff of the neck. The dog was seriously ill and starving. everyday motorists saw him, but tried not to notice. A little more and California werewolf could die if not for a miracle.

The founder of an animal shelter came to help the poor fellow Megan Bow. The girl could not understand how this dog was still alive. He looked just awful, couldn’t even stand. Experienced the volunteer immediately saw a German shepherd in a thin dog.

After examining the veterinarians, the dog revealed many diseases, including scabies. As it turned out, the “werewolf” more than once came under a car because his pelvic bones were broken and damaged tail.

The treatment took several months, and only after that the dog began to gradually acquire a doglike appearance. He began to walk, and his the wool has grown back. Megan thought that in search of new owners time will pass. But this did not have to wait long.

The Bisby Family with Three Dogs and King

The Bisby family has long been watching the dog. They took him to three dogs available. “Werewolf” was named King, and he is wonderful joined the new family.

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