Bulldog tail

Known for his protruding jaws and forever gloomy expression faces, a stocky bulldog may seem tailless. Tail at they don’t stop bulldogs, he’s already small, and today they you can see only a small part of it left from the old times.

Bulldog tail

Straight tail

At birth, the tail of the bulldog puppy remains almost unchanged, and as he grows up he will remain almost the same. Puppies one litter can have different forms of tails. American club recognizes that the French Bulldog has a straight tail, and tail with a corkscrew – wide at the base and tapering towards the end.

A long tail

Many organizations, including the American Kennel Club, do not recognize bulldogs with lush and long tails, but this is deceiving impression. The shape of the tail does not affect the character of the puppy, and you can find a great friend if you decide to make a bulldog with non-standard tail.

Tail Care Tips

A tail with a corkscrew at the end can create some problems with health. The area under the tail must be perfectly clean so that there was no debris or sewage on it that could lead to irritation and infection. Wet wipes are perfect for wiping around and under the tail. After wiping with a damp cloth Wipe the area with a soft and absorbent cloth. If you noticed a bad smell or if the back of your bulldog it seems too sensitive, then he may have a tail infection, which will require an early visit to the veterinarian.

Tail docking

If the tail prevents the bulldog from using the bath or causes repeated infections, the veterinarian may recommend removing it surgically. This problem often occurs with tails in corkscrew that fit snugly to the back of the bulldog and may even have an ingrown appearance. This is the only problem when bulldog tail removal is reasonable.

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