British pensioner dies after playing with a dog

A pensioner from the UK died just a few days after playing with her husband’s guide dog. About On July 10, 2019, Dailymail reported.

The woman was 72 years old. As a result of playing with a dog, she received some small scratches. Finding the damage as minor the woman simply treated them with an antiseptic.


But after a few days she felt so bad that her had to be hospitalized. Already in the hospital, doctors discovered skin infection that was caused by group A streptococcus. Unfortunately, medical assistance was untimely, and because of what began sepsis pensioner died.

Retired in intensive care

Most likely the infection got into the woman’s body through scratches, which were obtained as a result of playing with a dog.

However, doctors doubt that the carrier of the infection was a dog, as these animals do not tolerate such bacteria. Exact reason infection has not yet been established.

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