British cats (photo): plush softness and royal nobility

The British cat, like a true gentleman, entertains his companion


Origin: UK

Class: British Shorthair cat

Usage: for exhibitions and home of life

Color: British cats have different colors: plain gray / white / blue / beige / cream / black and others, bi-colors, color points, spotted (tortoiseshell) or with marks tabi

Sizes: the weight of the British Shorthair – 4-8 kg

Life span: 12 to 16 years

“Teddy bears” that delight the eye and give the owners appeasement from mere presence is British cats breed.

The british head has a round shape with wide set ears, and the face stands out with thick cheeks, a medium nose size and huge cat eyes.

Strong, medium sized, muscular animal has wide paws and a thick tail with a slightly rounded tip.

The character of British cats can be called ideal for home. Like Egyptian Mau, they are calm, unpretentious and get along well with people.

A list of breeds with a similar character can be found in articlehttps: //

The image of a British cat was used to write the famous fairy tale

The image of a British cat was used to write the famous tales “Puss in Boots”


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Characteristics of Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a kitten
  • 5 Care features
    • 5.1 combing
    • 5.2 Content
    • 5.3 Nutrition
  • 6 Health
    • 6.1 characteristic diseases
    • 6.2 Vaccinations
  • 7 Knit

Breed history

The British Shorthair cat became famous back in 1898, but it was finally approved as a breed only after 84 years.

Such a long recognition was due to the fact that the standards cats had a lot of complaints.

For its perfection, the breeders worked hard, crossing the best and most beautiful english domestic cats with Persians (then, after the war, with the Russians blue and Cartesian cats).

The first cat (the progenitor of the British breed) is considered Harrison Fair

The history of the appearance of these cats in Britain has two versions. Alone claim that they were brought by legionnaires from Rome.

Others insist that the British were brought French sailors keeping cats as excellent Pied Piper.

The favorite thing for a British cat is the pursuit of a mouse, artificial or real, doesn’t matter to him.

The British cat’s favorite fun is the mouse chase, artificial or real for him does not matter

Character Psychology

The British Shorthair is distinguished by its excellent character: he is flexible, calm, very smart and clean.

You can read about the other smartest cat breeds. here: https: //

Speaking about these charming plush, I want to note features of their breed.

  • Energy. While the British are small, they, as expected, they are very smart and energetic. But here is an adult cat British blue (and other colors) is becoming more restrained and even lazy, just like a scottish fold cat or Scottish Straight. Be sure to drive it around apartment, including outdoor games, so as not to get fat (these breeds prone to obesity).
  • Friendliness. Their friendliness and dedication makes British real family members. They adore their masters and with be patient with babies, but they don’t like excessive guardianship, preferring to periodically retire in a secluded from the human eyes spot.
  • Compatible with pets. British quickly find a language with other pets, but They love to show their superiority and certain significance. Such their familiarity with people and animals is determined by genes from the Persians.

Let me scratch your ear!

Let me scratch your ear!

  • Patience (restraint) and its facets. Appearance quite deceptive, and in the case of the British breed as well. Despite on their plush toy look, they don’t like sussies, although for a long time can tolerate – until the actions of the player playing with them seem to them unworthy of their person (degrading their dignity). The degree of their patience depends on personal qualities that time will be known to their owners. Avoid issued claws directed towards playing with him do not exceed verge of what is permissible and remember that “bear cubs” must be measure.
  • Training. British cat kittens they are difficult to train, but this is not particularly necessary. Their genes endowed cats with intelligence, aristocracy and good breeding. therefore no need to worry that their claws will scratch your furniture and carpets, and the toilet will be a bedside mat.


Black British cat, red, white or any other color – this lump of warmth and happiness will become a favorite in your home.

This breed of cats, like pixie bob, great for both maintenance in the country and in cottages, and for urban life in apartment.

Cats can be used as show animals and for commercial purposes (knitting, selling kittens).

British cats have a great sense of style

British cats have a great sense of style

How to choose a kitten

If you want to get a purebred real British, then you should pay attention to the characteristics of the breed (standards which were approved back in 1982).

These standards include:

  • strong muscular body;
  • powerful legs, like an exot;
  • massive round head on a short powerful neck;
  • straight wide and slightly shortened nose, without stop, but pronounced to the forehead;
  • rounded muzzle without recesses (pinch not allowed), good developed chin, round, widely set eyes;
  • rounded wide-set ears (whose height should not beat more than their width);
  • straight (medium in length but wide) tail with rounded tip;
  • short dense coat, reminiscent of plush in texture;
  • skin fold around the head.

The walk of a British kitten should be full of vivid impressions

The british kitten’s walk should be saturated with bright impressions

In addition to the features of the breed, you should definitely pay attention to documents and conditions for keeping kittens.

If breeders do not treat animals properly (place not clean, has a characteristic unpleasant odor, the animal is given food cheap food, it is contained in the cage), turn around and go to another place.

It’s worth paying attention to the parents of kittens (you can understand what will be your “stuff”). Look at color, weight and more features.

If your Briton is red cats, then his offspring will be the same.

Pay attention to the fact that kittens are not worth it. acquire up to 12 weeks of age, as they still need maternal custody.

There must be something edible in this basket, well, at least a sausage!

There must be something edible in this basket, well, at least sausage!

Care Features

As we said above, the British are unpretentious cats. They are not require special care neither in food nor in combing.

Their maintenance is simple and does not bring much trouble.

Combing out

It is a pleasure to look after the British plush coat.

It is not necessary to comb out the hair of cats infrequently, two times per a week.

This must be done by a host or massage brush with steel bristles, movements should be made in the direction and against the growth of wool.

And the rest of the days you can just spend wet hands on the wool and collect all the excess.

Do such a wet cleaning as often as possible so that the coat did not stay on carpets and furniture.

It’s worth bathing as needed (2-4 times a year), special tools from the pet store.

If you want to learn more about how to wash a cat, We recommend that you read the following article:

British cats use a special technique of washing themselves

British cats use a special technique of washing themselves


In the content of British cats you need to consider only what they secluded places and some more points are needed.

They love privacy, preferring not to disturbed during solitude.

Equip for them several “climbers” with a perch, think about the presence of a house and tight boxes in secluded places – already Believe me, your “plush” will appreciate it.

The British are excellent hunters, they are happy to walk around weed and chasing something alive.

Take them walks in the fresh air, and do not forget Wear a collar against ticks and fleas.

When arranging a toilet for a cat, you should consider that he loves to rummage, so get a tray with high sides or toilet lodge.

Apparently the good look of a British cat allows a butterfly to feel relaxed while sitting on his nose.

Apparently the kind look of a British cat allows a butterfly feel calm sitting on his nose

The rest of the British content is no different from standards: take care of the claws (take care of claw), watch your ears and eyes, right feed, not forgetting about clean drinking and give love.


To the question of how to feed a British cat, answer definitely not, since it all depends on your choice (natural or dry food).

It is important not to overfeed the cat, since how many do not give them – they will eat that’s all, because by nature they are the most real gluttons.

Meals should be regular and balanced. From dry feed more expensive options, considering features of your pet.

If the British cat sees the meat on the table, he will definitely check how fresh it is.

If a British cat sees meat on the table, he will check how fresh it is

Speaking about natural nutrition, I want to note that this is not about human food.

It is important to understand that an animal has its own digestive systems, and he should not be given sweet, salty, fried and spicy purged.

Improper nutrition entails various gastrointestinal disorders and other organs of the animal.

The natural food for a British cat is: lean meat (boiled or scalded) and offal, cereals, vegetables, eggs, non-fat sour milk products and water (fresh, pure).

You need to feed the Briton 2-3 times a day.


Given the efforts of breeders, the health of the British turned out strong.

These cats are prone to obesity and tearing, and the rest susceptible to the same diseases as cats of other breeds.

Characteristic diseases

If it is wrong to care for a pet: poorly feed, do not provide proper care and not care about his mental condition, he can get one of the following diseases:

  • ICD, cystitis, nephrosis and other diseases of the genitourinary systems;
  • Bronchitis, rhinitis and other respiratory diseases;
  • inflammation of the spinal cord and neurosis;
  • stomatitis, pharyngitis, ulcer
  • and many other diseases.

British kittens are great camouflage

British kittens great camouflage


Briton needs some vaccinations before which it is important to give the kitten anthelmintic drugs.

  1. It is made in 10-12 weeks. This rabies vaccine (trivalent). It is repeated after 3 weeks.
  2. Rabies vaccination is done after a tooth change and repeated annually.

British cat helps prepare for Easter

British cat helps prepare for Easter

All manipulations must be marked in the passport. By buying kitten, you need to check them


Mixing of rocks is not allowed. It is advisable to knit animals with one eye color, color does not matter.

At this point, the British cat presents himself as a king among all breeds of cats

At this moment, the British cat presents himself as a king among all breeds of cats

British cats: plush softness and royal nobility

Shorthair British cats are distinguished by an excellent character: they are flexible, calm, very smart and clean. Speaking of these charming plush, I want to note the features of their breed.

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