Brit Care feed reviews for Brit Care dogs

Quite often, this brand is mentioned in online conversations. dog lovers, as well as often recommended by veterinarians the doctors. Not only that, meet Brit diets – dry, canned and pastes, it is possible in many pet stores. What caused this popularity and why Brit Care dog food leads the way categories of similar products?


  • 1. About the manufacturer
  • 2. The assortment of the brand Brit
    • 2.1. Adult Diet Line
    • 2.2. Puppy diets
    • 2.3. Diet category
    • 2.4. Hypoallergenic formulas
  • 3. What is included in Brit Kea’s feed?
    • 3.1. Squirrels
    • 3.2. Carbohydrates
    • 3.3. Fats
    • 3.4. Additional Products
  • 4. On the advantages and disadvantages of the diets of this brand
  • 5. Owner reviews and opinions of veterinarians
  • 6. The price of Brit Kea dog food

About the manufacturer

Brand Brit is a Czech private-owned product family-owned company Vafo Praha s.r.o. Company Formation happened in 1994, and today its products exported to nearly half a hundred countries, including Russia. The indicators are impressive – annual production volumes exceed 58 thousand tons. Brit Care (Brit Care) for dogs

The manufacturer set the bar high, and at the heart of it activity is about health and well-being pets. After all, it is for them that food is intended Brit

The company has a number of principles that are adhered to. experts, no matter what. There are no clinical animal tests oppose any acts of cruelty in against animals. In addition, diet formulas do not include components that can adversely affect the health of tetrapods favorites.

The Brit brand includes premium rations as well as grain-free stern. They are made from fresh chicken, separated from bones, lamb, turkey, venison and salmon. All these products are high quality animal protein sources and are excellent absorbed by the animal body. Also Brit feeds are cooked without soy, artificial and genetically modified ingredients.

The plant thoroughly controls all stages of production, workshops are equipped with modern special equipment. Besides, There is an archive of samples, so here they respond quickly to requests or customer complaints. Although this happens enough seldom.

Vafo Praha s.r.o has 3 factories today, located in the Czech Republic who are engaged releasing pet diets. Feed of this brand have all necessary certificates and correspond to available standards.

Brit brand assortment

The company offers a wide range of different products: dry, wet menus, pastes, feeds for adult dogs, puppies and elderly animals. You can also purchase individual rations for favorites – giants, medium-sized and very tiny, for dogs with special nutritional needs.

Feed is divided by age criteria:

  • Pappi – for puppies;
  • Junior – suitable for teenage puppies;
  • Edalt – food for adult dogs;
  • Senior – a menu designed for feeding pets of advanced age.

Also, rations are labeled, depending on the size of the dogs: S – for small dogs, M – medium, L – large, XL – giant ones. In addition, under the brand name Brit, rations are produced, premium and super premium feed-holistic (grainless), canned menus and training snacks.

Dog owners are offered a large assortment of goodies – chips, meat rolls, brushwood for babies and adult dogs. There are Brit feeds for dogs with special requirements: a menu for digestive animals, formulas for pets, receiving high physical activity – sports, light – nutrition with low in calories.

Adult Diet Line

The composition of the feed includes foods containing a large amount of protein and fat, which makes them more nutritious. Components well absorbed, providing animals with energy and beneficial substances. Premium rations line consists of dry granules various sizes: large, medium and small.

The formula for older pets is enriched with elements that slow down the aging process. It includes less fat. and easily digestible protein sources. There are feeds for aging dogs in all categories: Brit Premium, Kare and KarniLav.

Puppy diets

Toddlers need special care, they grow intensively, are developing. Therefore, they need to get a lot of protein, vitamin and minerals. But at the same time their digestive tract is still underdeveloped, and fatty and heavy foods can significantly harm the body.

The company’s specialists take into account such nuances, so the feed for babies provides full formation of bone tissue, including number of teeth, strengthens the immune system and all systems. In all classes special rations for puppies are present, there are both dry feeds and wet menus, several types of training snacks, chicken rings with calcium.

Diet category

Animals with a tendency to obesity and living calm, measured life requires a special, low-calorie food. And in Brit brand assortment has similar products – rations line Brit Premium Light.

This menu is low in fat, lower in calories and easily digestible proteins in the composition. However, they are complete, healthy food for four-legged pets. In the composition in addition to the main meat ingredients, you can find fruit and herbal extracts, a number of fatty acids and minerals. The manufacturer is sure that such food will allow the dog to stay cheerful, cheerful and keep the weight within normal limits.

Hypoallergenic formulas

Unfortunately, breeding and adverse environmental the environment has a negative effect on the health of dogs. More often there are individuals suffering from various allergic manifestations. Naturally, such animals need special food consisting of non-allergenic foods.

There are similar foods in Brit diets – with lamb, venison, potatoes, rice and probiotics. Such food is capable of normalize digestion processes and remove harmful ones from the body, toxic substances. This food is recommended for feeding. pregnant and lactational females, as well as puppies.

What is included in Brit Kea feed?

The quality of animal diets is primarily determined by what are they made of. It is difficult to evaluate the composition of all feed, but this and no need, just consider one, the most popular formula of this brand. An example is the diet of Edalt Small. Brid – dry food for small adult dogs. Brit Care (Brit Care) for dogs composition

First of all, food for animals of this class should not have the composition of chemical components, artificial additives for preservation, giving color, taste or aroma. Besides, in the composition does not add low-quality offal. Having analyzed the ingredients of this diet, nothing like this to reveal managed.

Nutrition Ratio of Edalt Small Brid following:

  • crude protein – 28%;
  • fat – 17%;
  • crude fiber – 2.5%;
  • ashes – a little over 7%;
  • humidity – 10%.

While analysis confirms the balance of this product, only one drawback is the low fiber content. As The main ingredients are the following products:

  • 40% lamb flour
  • 36% rice;
  • chicken fat;
  • pieces of dried apples;
  • 2% of fish oil obtained from salmon species.

The formula of the diets is open, and everyone can learn from what prepared one or another diet.


The main source of the most important animal component is lamb flour. Protein is 40%. Manufacturer does not embellish the composition of its products, and this is already plus.

Lamb is one of the best protein foods, it rich in easily digestible and hypoallergenic animal proteins. After drying and grinding, flour is obtained that contains protein is three times more than raw meat.


In the Brit Kare diet, their main source is rice. it less allergic component than other cereals. Besides, refined rice grain contains high-quality carbohydrates, vegetable proteins and fiber. Rice promotes formation stool, as well as lowering the amount of cholesterol in the blood.


The product containing them is in 3rd place in the composition – this chicken fat. The ingredient is considered beneficial for the canine organism, it provides hair and skin with essential elements, the main which is linoleic acid.

In addition to this component, the composition contains fish oil. And although his the amount does not exceed 2%, it is a very valuable product, containing a large amount of polyunsaturated acids.

Additional Products

Not all dog rations formulas contain this ingredient like dried apples. But this fruit is included in the composition it is no coincidence – apples have a lot of fiber, healthy carbohydrates substances, a whole vitamin complex, pectin, potassium, boron and beta carotene. The puppy is eating

Extracts of cartilage and mollusk shells are sources natural chondroitin and glucosamine. In addition, the diet formula enriched with herbs and fruits: yucca, rosemary, citruses, cloves, milk thistle. Severe antibacterial and turmeric has an antioxidant effect, it is also included in Composition of feed Brit Brit.

As you can see, feeds are quite complex, multi-component composition. And among the ingredients there are no harmful or useless products.

On the advantages and disadvantages of the diets of this brand

Although there is no ideal dog food, which would perfectly suit all pets, Brit brand reviews Kare, for the most part, is positive. Among the main The benefits of diets include the following:

  • only natural components are a part;
  • feed contains a lot of quality meat;
  • rations do not include harmful ingredients – artificial additives in the form of flavor enhancers, preservatives, flavorings, etc .;
  • The feed formula is enriched with minerals, vitamins and trace elements necessary for a healthy and active life pet
  • the range includes many diverse rations, and owners have the opportunity to choose for the pet as much as possible suitable nutrition;
  • there are diet and therapeutic diets for dogs with special needs;
  • manufacturer offers feed in the form of dry granules, wet pieces and delicate pastes;
  • Brit diets can feed dogs with a tendency to allergic reactions;
  • the cost of feed of this brand, when compared with products other companies are relatively low, so they are available to most dog breeders.

There are no particular shortcomings in the diets of this brand, except that not all dogs like to gnaw dry granules, preferring canned food and pate.

Owner reviews and opinions of veterinarians

Brand feed Brit is quite popular in Russia and find reviews buyers will not be difficult. For example, they say that about him dog lovers:

Anastasia, Murmansk: “Feed of the Czech company Brit came to my little pet. It was important for me that the diet consisted of small granules which it would be convenient to eat a doggie, not caused allergies and did not disturb digestion. And all these requirements the product is responsible. And besides, you can buy it almost in any large pet store, and by choosing the right size packaging. We like it and recommend it to other dog owners! ”

Marina, Rostov-on-Don: “Our breed pet pit-brabancon turned out to be a big meat lover. From the rest of the food he refused, but it’s important for the dog to receive other healthy food. Before Brita bought a couple more rations, but, the dog turned his nose from them. A Brit really liked it, surprisingly, but the baby began to gobble it up for both cheeks. The new food was not only tasty, but also positively affected the pet’s health: he became more active, and the wool has acquired a natural shine. I was afraid she might allergies occur, however, this did not happen, and the problems there’s no pet with a chair either. ”

Rats Brit have positive reviews not only from owners dogs, but also breeders and veterinarians. Most of them confirm that it is a quality product suitable as daily nutrition, has a good composition and balanced the formula.

The price of Brit Kea feed for dogs

The price of this line depends on the volume of packaging and the type stern:

  • a kilogram of dry ration Brit Kare costs about 400 rubles;
  • A 3-kilogram package will cost 1000-1300 rubles;
  • the price of 7.5 kg varies from 2400 to 2800 rubles;
  • for a 12-kilogram package you will have to pay 3500-4500 rubles.

In general, the Brit brand is recognized as veterinary dog experts and owners suitable for daily pet feeding. A wide selection of flavors allows you to make a menu diverse.

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