Breed Affenpincher: “Bearded Dog” from Germany (photo)



Origin: Germany

Class: FCI classification – 2nd group (pinschers, schnauzers, molosses and Swiss cattle dogs). Section 1 (pinschers and schnauzers)

Use: Dog Companions

Color: black, but other colors are acceptable

Sizes: Height at the withers – 23-29 cm, body weight – 4-6 kg

Life span: 11-14 years

Affenpincher is a miniature dog and belongs to varieties of pinchers.

This is a very rare breed, originally used as Pied Piper and Stables Guard. Then the pet became the darling of the rich nobility.

Now affenpincher fans are happy to start dwarf rocks.


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  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Psychology
  • 4 Application
  • 5 How to choose a puppy
  • 6 Care features
  • 7 Walk
  • 8 Power
  • 9 Health
  • 10 characteristic diseases
  • 11 Vaccinations
  • 12 Knit

Breed history

Affenpincher has German roots dating back to the 17th century. Title breed translated into Russian sounds like a “monkey pincher.” how see in the photo, these little creatures, indeed, in the external form have something similar to little monkeys.

At first, the representatives of the breed were much larger. In their color The following colors were allowed: gray, a mixture of yellow and brown shade, brown with black, brown with gray and even red.

Often there were affinpincers with white paws and breasts.

The main purpose of breeding was the deliverance of human rodents’ dwellings and stables with the help of these domestic animals. With that the same time the Zwergpinschers were derived.

Then the breeders decided to bring a smaller affenpincher, which can be easily kept in the apartment and used as companion dogs.

About other dog breeds suitable for keeping in an apartment, can find out here: https: //


These little creatures in appearance have something similar to monkeys

The breed standard was approved at the end of the 19th century, at an exhibition in Berlin, after which the popularity of pets began to grow rapidly abroad. The dog has gained fame throughout Europe and the United States.

World War II became the main reason why the breed stood on the verge of extinction. Only by the middle of the 20th century did she gradually began to reborn, and small pets again began The object of attention of dog lovers.

One of the representatives of affinpins nicknamed Banana Joe just a few years ago was able to win the prestigious 137 Dog Show Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.


Pictured Banana Joe, winner of the exhibition in 2013

Affenpincher is the closest relative miniature schnauzer and belgian to the griffon.


Affenpincher has an anatomically square torso with little round head. The forehead is convex, has a sharp transition to muzzle. On a short face is a snub nose with black picky.

The breed’s eyes are slightly convex, round, large and have dark color. Jaws protrude slightly, but should be without snack and well closed.

The neck, according to the standard, is short and muscular, and the back perfectly straight. All limbs are muscular and parallel to each other. to a friend. A high-set and smartly upturned tail should be docked on 3 vertebra.


Black is preferable for the breed, but others are possible. shades

Affenpincher has a hard and thick coat of wool. Wherein the undercoat is soft and may be slightly wavy. Head and neck have a significantly longer coat in relation to the body.

Protruding eyebrows around the eyes and a shaggy beard on the face give pet resemblance to a monkey. Black is preferable for the breed. color, but other shades are possible.

According to the standard, the following colors are allowed:

  • brown:
  • grayish black;
  • ginger;
  • reddish black;
  • Gray;
  • blue.

White and very light colors, as well as white spots, are not acceptable. Representatives with wavy and soft hair hanging ears, too long muzzle and scissor bite.


The photo shows the generally accepted breed standard.


Affenpincher can coexist alongside cats and dogs, in especially if they grew up together.

Little “monkeys” are real jealousy and will not bear if they will receive less attention than other pets or even a child.

Therefore, it is not recommended to start this breed if the house has baby. The dog treats older babies well and quickly finds a common language with them.

Important! Dogs of this breed will not get along with decorative rodents, in view of their genetic inclinations and inherent hunting instinct.

Affenpincher does not tolerate loneliness, and can not stay for long home alone. The dog needs education: it must understand and execute elementary commands from an early age.

Attention! Dwarf pet hard amenable to training, so it is not recommended to start them new owners.

This is a very wayward and stubborn animal that performs teams with a “benefit” for themselves. Affenpincher does not like other people’s dogs and always ready to join them “in battle”, regardless of size the latter.

With proper upbringing, these pets become great helpers and little defenders. They are funny, kind, smart and very active.


The pet is kept as a companion dog or simply as little faithful friend


Gone are the days when the breed was used as Pied Piper. Although if mice are your uninvited guests in your home, then be sure that they will soon leave the housing territory where there is an affinpincher.

The pet is kept as a companion dog or simply as a small, faithful friend who is truly alive decoration of the apartment.

How to choose a puppy

To purchase a puppy, choose only trusted kennels with good reputation. The cost of a real affinpincher ranges from 20 to 60 thousand rubles.

Puppies must have a pedigree, which is a guarantee of their thoroughbredness.

Such a dog will subsequently be able to take part in exhibitions or can be used for purebred breeding.

But it is worth considering that the pedigree does not guarantee that the puppy grow up as an ideal pet – factors such as proper maintenance, nutrition, training, etc.

Attention! Buying a young dog in the kennel with an unverified reputation, you risk becoming a master “defective” pet.

The animal should be purchased at the age of 2-2.5 months, but not earlier. Until now, puppies of dwarf breeds, including Pomeranian and Wolfspitz, more need breast milk and its care.

It will be very good if you have the opportunity to observe the baby and his behavior for several hours.

The puppy must have a healthy appearance, moderate fatness and shiny coat. All his movements should radiate confidence.

Healthy puppies are always very curious, playful and firm. keep on their feet.


Pictured puppy affenpincher

Care Features

A dog of this breed is intended exclusively for apartment and houses. Affenpincher is not suitable for keeping in a street kennel.

Pets need:

  • combing;
  • bathing;
  • daily walk;
  • balanced nutrition.

When properly maintained, the dog will have a beautiful, well-groomed appearance and good health.

Puppies also need to stop their ears and tail, which produced between the ages of 2 to 5 months. For this you need experienced veterinarian.

Black dogs should not be exposed to the sun for long avoid overheating.


Affenpincher needs regular brushing (at least two once a week) as a preventer to prevent the appearance of warlocks. To remove dead hair and dirt, after walks your pet wiped with a damp towel or mitten.

Bathing is done no more than once every four weeks with using specialized shampoos.

Cropped ears of a pet need constant care: they must be cleaned periodically.

You can read about how to properly clean your ears for dogs. here: https: //

Eyes are gently wiped with moist cotton pads.

It is recommended to cut the hair around the animal’s eyes, as otherwise, it may lead to vision problems. Also It is important to remove hair on the ears. If this is not done, the dog may become deaf.

Once a week you need to brush your teeth or a nozzle on a finger. To prevent plaque formation, in the diet animal include a slice of fresh tomato.

The nails are trimmed once every four weeks with a nail clipper, intended for small breeds of dogs.


Affenpincher is a very agile dog that needs regular walking. As a rule, animals walk in the morning and evening.

Important! Pet while walking is necessary keep on a leash with a harness, as he may attack another animal.


While walking for your pet you need to stage active games with training elements

Affenpinchers have an unbridled passion for high-altitude obstacles: they climb trees and fences with pleasure, therefore, the owner during the walk needs to be especially attentive.

Agility is recommended for these dogs. What is it this and how to use will tell articlehttps: //


“Dwarf monkeys” are picky in food, but very gluttonous. It is important to ensure that the pet does not overeat, otherwise it may lead to obesity.

You can feed the animal as dry food premium for small dog breeds as well as regular food. There is also a blacklist of products that is contraindicated affinpincher. It includes:

  • raw pork;
  • legumes;
  • potatoes;
  • bones;
  • river fish species;
  • smoked and sweet food.

Nutrition must be balanced and contain proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates in the required proportions for small breed.

The daily diet of the animal must include vegetables, cereals, and also fruit. The dog should receive protein from eggs, sea fish, offal and lean meats.

The source of calcium for the pet is cottage cheese and sour milk products.


The dog of this breed has excellent health


The dog of this breed is characterized by excellent health and, as usually does not need a regular visit to the veterinarian.

Important! Affenpincers are prone to dislocation of joints and other limb injuries. Therefore pets must not be allowed Jump from any height and run up the stairs.

But, despite the strong immunity, the animal is subject to some diseases.

Characteristic diseases

The breed most often suffers from diseases of the eyes, teeth, heart and urinary system.

And affinpinchers are prone to hypothermia and colds diseases. Therefore, it is very important that in the place where your favorite, there were no drafts.


To prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, as well as rabies and leptospirosis, vaccinate animal. Assign the procedure subcutaneously, starting with six weeks age.

Before vaccination, the pet must be absolutely healthy, not have helminths, fleas and other parasites.

On the eve of vaccinations, the animal is not washed and not subjected to physical loads. The event is held on an empty stomach.

After vaccination, it is advisable to abstain for 1.5-2 weeks from visiting crowded places.


Since affenpincher is a very rare breed of dog, its mating is fraught with some difficulties. If the animal was purchased in the nursery, it is advisable to go there for help.

Before mating, be sure to check the “partner” veterinary passport for vaccinations.


Photo of female and male affenpincher

A case must be carried out no earlier than a year and a half age. During this period, the dog begins the third estrus.

Specialists do not recommend doing knitting earlier than this period. Knit a bitch no more than once a year. It is permissible to carry out two bindings, with a frequency of not earlier than six months.

From the age of seven, female individuals do mating is not allowed. For the entire life cycle, six are considered the norm. litters.

A female usually gives birth to no more than 1-3 puppies at a time.

Affenpincher: “Bearded Dog” from Germany

Affenpincher: photo, origin of the breed and its features content. Health and predisposition to disease.

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