Bravecto for dogs

Ectoparasites, not only sucking blood, but also often transmitting with serious diseases are a nightmare for this animal for pets. No wonder dog owners are trying find a tool that would save our smaller brothers and from fleas, and from ticks for a long time. To one of the popular insectoacaricides include tablets “Bravecto” for dogs Austrian production. Consider what kind of drug.

What is the drug “Bravecto”?

“Bravecto” – round tablets, the color of which can vary from dark to light brown (uniform shade or with small inclusions). The surface of the tablets may be like rough and smooth. Each Bravecto package contains blister with one tablet, as well as instructions for применению.Bravecto for dogsДействие препарата обеспечивает входящий вthe composition of fluralaner is an insectoacaricide that is retained in the body of the dog up to 3 months, thereby protecting the animal from external parasites. Fleas begin to die after taking the pill after 6-8, and ticks after 12 hours. Bravecto tablets the amount of active substance (fluralaner) are:

  • For young and medium-sized individuals weighing 2-4.5 kg (112.5 mg fluralanera);
  • For small dogs weighing up to 10 kg (250 mg of fluralaner);
  • For pets with an average weight of up to 20 kg (500 mg fluralanera);
  • For animals up to 40 kg (1000 mg of fluralaner);
  • For large dogs whose weight is not more than 56 kg (1400 fluralaner).

For heavy animals whose body weight over 56 kg is required selection of combinations of tablets with different amounts of active substances. For example, dogs weighing 60 kg will need to enter 1 500 mg tablet of fluralaner and 1 tablet with content of 1000 mg of fluralaner. For 1 kg of weight, the dog must account for at least 25 mg and not more than 56 mg of fluralaner.

What parasitic diseases does Bravecto save?

The tick tick tablet for dogs “Bravecto” is used as therapeutic and prophylactic agent for the following ailments caused by ectoparasite bites:

  • Athanipterosis is a flea infestation. On the body of doggies can parasitize both dog and cat, and even human fleas. A dog suffering from aphanipherosis may experience anemia, bald patches, poor coat, lack of appetite, itching bodies, anxiety, sleep disorders. Fleas not only cause great harm with their bites, they can also infect dogs helminths, being intermediate hosts endoparasite worms;
  • Allergic dermatitis (flea) – flea saliva is often causes severe skin irritation. Allergy-prone animal after a flea bite, it experiences severe skin itching, loses coat, constantly furiously itches (which leads to the appearance of numerous a wound on the body) may have diarrhea;
  • Sarcoptosis and demodicosis – damage to the dog’s body ticks (acarosis). With demodicosis in an animal, symptoms such as: the appearance of hairless, grayish, or red spots on the body, unpleasant odor from the skin, severe itching, digestive tract disorders, intoxication. If we talk about sarcoptosis, then the symptoms will be: fever, itching and scratching the whole body, the appearance of bald spots, impaired sleep and appetite;
  • Otodectosis is another ailment caused by tick parasites, affecting dog ears. If the animal diagnosed with otodectosis, the symptoms will be as follows: redness ear, the dog’s attempts to scratch the organ of hearing (from this and wounds with ulcers), the appearance of a dark brown mass from the ear;
  • Babesiosis (pyroplasmosis) – an ailment that affects dogs bitten by a tick. In this case, unhappy animals anemia, pallor of mucous membranes, increase spleen, interruptions in heart rhythm, loss of interest in food and to games.

Features of the drug “Bravecto”

“Bravecto” – serious tablets, therefore, before use should be carefully consider what the instruction says:

  1. Dogs may be given expired tablets (i.e. if more than 24 have not passed since the production of the medicine months);
  2. Store “Bravecto” at a temperature not lower than 0 and not higher than 30 degrees in unopened packaging;
  3. You can apply insectoacaricide to puppies older than 2 months;
  4. “Bravecto” is suitable for pets whose weight is more than 2 kg;
  5. After the first dose, it is permissible to use the drug no earlier than after 12 weeks;
  6. Dogs awaiting offspring as well as nursing puppies are given “Bravecto” after agreement with the veterinarian;
  7. If the dog vomits after swallowing the pill, repeat the procedure again, giving the animal a new dose of medication;
  8. Sometimes dogs after taking “Bravecto” may have side effects actions: upset stomach and intestines, lack of interest in food, active salivation;
  9. Overdose of “Bravecto” is fraught with depression of the dog’s consciousness and loss of appetite;
  10. “Bravecto” is not indicated for dogs with individual intolerance to fluralaner, glycerin, aspartame, sodium lauryl sulfate, magnesium stearate, sucrose, polyethylene glycol, corn starch, disodium pomate monohydrate, soy oils;
  11. Bravecto tablets are used only for dogs. Cats and farm animals to get rid of bloodsuckers other means are required.

How to give a dog “Bravecto”?

When the correct dosage is determined (this is 25-56 mg active substance per 1 kg of dog weight), a tablet should be given to the animal before or during feeding, or immediately after eating. There are only 4 options for introducing Bravecto:

  • Voluntarily (most dogs like the taste of these pills for special flavoring score);
  • Mixed with food;
  • Forcedly putting the pill on the root of the dog’s tongue;
  • Through a syringe (without a needle), after dissolving the tablet in a small amount of water.

What do veterinarians and dog owners think of Bravecto?

Although there is little debate about the effectiveness of Bravecto tablets, there are reviews veterinarians who can alert four-legged owners friends. The disadvantages of the drug, according to experts, relate:

  1. A large number of side effects that are not mentioned in instructions (animals may have problems after taking Bravecto with the work of the stomach, pancreas, kidneys and liver, in in some cases after Bravecto may even develop anaphylactic shock);
  2. The duration of the drug in some dogs does not exceed 1-1.5 months (and the manufacturer promises that the dog will be protected from ticks and fleas for 3 months;
  3. “Bravecto” – a drug of a foreign company (manufactured in Austria), which has been on the market for several years, but officially It was registered relatively recently. True, in our country many believe that a remedy from Europe cannot be dangerous;
  4. “Bravecto” does not scare away fleas and ticks, but fights against parasites, who have already grabbed onto the dog’s skin;
  5. To reliably protect your pet from external bloodsuckers, it happens not enough to use just a pill. Accounted for also use insecticaricidal sprays, shampoos, collars (such opinion of some veterinarians).

Responses of dog owners about Bravecto divided: some praise tablets for the quick elimination of ticks and fleas, others – scolded for many adverse reactions (which sometimes do not appear immediately after administration, and a little later). By cons of medicine also include the high price of the drug (the cost of “Bravecto” in retail stores can reach up to 2000 rubles, although on the Web You can find deals with a lower price). In addition, some dogs after taking “Bravecto” ticks die partly (some die, some do not). If we talk about the virtues of “Bravecto”, based on the opinion of customers, usually the pluses of the drug consider flea validity; ease of use (a tablet can be given to a dog in the morning or in the evening, with food or on an empty stomach, after taking the product, the animal can be bathed in a bath or in the open pond); the possibility of non-isolation of the animal (after use drops or spray the dog must be kept away from children, it is undesirable to stroke her hair). In addition, some animals there are no unpleasant consequences after taking the drug: dogs do not lose their appetite, they do not have vomiting, disorders intestines. So is it worth buying this drug for a dog? Firstly, it is advisable to consult with a veterinarian, but at the same time ask a doctor what to do if a dog starts vomiting after eating the pill (or loss of appetite, diarrhea begins and other). Secondly, “Bravecto” should not be given to an animal uncontrollably. It is necessary to calculate the dosage correctly by entering tablet to the dog no more than 1 time in 12 weeks. Thirdly, it should give medicine to adults and healthy individuals, but for the weakened, having a chronic illness, too young or old dogs Bravecto tablet can be dangerous.

The cost of insecticide and acaricidal tablets “Bravecto”

The price of the Bravecto veterinary medicine depends on the amount of fluralaner, included in the pill. Online minimum cost of funds for dogs weighing less than 4.5 kg is about 900-950 rubles. “Bravecto” for doggies weighing no more than 10 kg will cost from 1100 rubles, for animals weighing up to 20 kg – from 1150 rubles. “Bravecto” with the content of 1000 mg of fluralaner will cost in the amount of 1250 rubles and more. And for the pill with the highest dosage for pets is not heavier than 56 pounds they will ask for 1375 rubles and more.

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