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It is hardly worth arguing which of the maine coon cat colors more attractive. Someone will like a cat with a white fur coat, someone with blue or cream. But hardly anyone will refuse that Black Maine Coon is unusually spectacular. Favorite with black luxurious it looks mysterious if not mystical, then certainly. By the way, it is believed that Maine Coon black is ideal a pet. Allegedly, cats with a black fur coat have the most livable and good natured character. Is it so, let’s not argue, but among all other coat colors, black is very much appreciated. Just look at the photo of the black Maine Coon, how it all becomes clearly without further ado: this is a very beautiful and magnificent animal. However, sometimes calling Maine Coon black is not enough, because there are several options for this coloring. Consider each of them in more detail.

Colors of Maine Coon coats: a variety of black


Photo: Maine Coon black |
  1. If they talk about Maine Coon in solid black, then refer to black solid color (which translates to “solid” or “integral” from English). This means that the coat on the surface the whole body of the cat is painted in one color without stripes and spots. Color animal hairs, both at the roots and at the tips of black. If look at the photos of black Maine Coons of this color, you can see that they have orange-copper eyes.
  2. Sometimes a black Maine Coon cat has intricate patterns on his fluffy fur. On the head of a cat with a tabby pattern is visible the pattern in the shape of the letter “M” and the lines running from the outer edge of the eye to neck – lines in the form of a necklace. Depending on the pattern of the tabby subdivided into the following types:
    • Black tiger – on the coat of a black Maine Coon are noticeable vertical stripes similar to those of tigers. Also stripes-rings cover the tail and limbs of cats;
    • Black marble – on the sides of Maine Coon are clearly visible dark lines that look like stains on marble. Inside each “marble” ring there is a noticeable dark speck;
    • Black spotted – intermittent or visible on the cat’s body straight stripes.
  3. It is clear that black and white Maine Coon is an animal, wool which is painted in black and white. However white отметин и их количество бывают разными:Black and White Maine Coon Kitten
    Фото: Черно-белый котенок мейн-кун |
    • Color black with white buttons – on a black fur coat there are several small white spots;
    • Color black with a white medallion – a bright spot settles down on animal’s chest like decoration;
    • Color black with white gloves – wool all over the body black, but the legs are white;
    • Color black with a white tuxedo – on the neck of a cat there is a contrasting white shirt-front, while the legs are also white
    • Color Bicolor – Maine Coon coat 50/50 white and black;
    • Harlequin color – on the predominant white coat of a cat there are several black spots of various shapes;
    • Van color – black hair is present in the head area and the tail of Maine Coon, the rest of the body is white.
  4. Maine Coon black smoke implies hairs wool at its base (at the roots) is white, and from the middle or at the tips are black. On the body of Maine Coons with such colors there spots or stripes. It should be borne in mind that the roots of the hairs must be white, not gray. Color black smoke is divided into такие виды:Maine Coon color black smoke
    Фото: Окрас мейн-куна черный дым |
    • Chinchilla – 1/8 black hairs, the rest of them the part at the roots is white;
    • Smoky – hairs black and white 50/50;
    • Shaded – Maine Coon fur hair 1 / 3-1 / 4 black, the rest of them at the roots are white.
  5. It also happens that black-smoked Maine Coons on the body there are drawings in the form of marble stains and stripes (tabby). Then the color is called black silver tabby or black marble on silver spotted on silver or brindle on silver (in depending on the tabby pattern on the animal’s body).

How much are black maine coons

It is believed that the most popular color of a furry coat is black, and in particular black silver and smoky cats. Price such beauties in nurseries depends on many points:

  • The age of the animal – kittens from 2 to 5 are most expensive months (they quickly get used to a new house and new landlords hands). Breeding adult cats can be sold for a symbolic amount of several thousand rubles;
  • Black Maine Coon cat usually costs more than cat of the same suit. It is boys who are more in demand due to their luxurious and impressive appearance and playfulness character;
  • Belonging to a particular class. Not claiming awards and titles, you can purchase a pet cat, having minor flaws in appearance (small ears, light skeleton etc.). If you want the pet to take part in exhibitions and may have been allowed to breed, will have to to spend money on a brid-cat (for example, with slight flaws in color). Well, the most expensive Maine Coon is a show-class animal whose the data are as close as possible to those indicated in the pedigree Standard.

So, the cost of a pet kitten in nurseries starts at 10 thousand rubles. For the kid of the class, you have to say goodbye to the amount from 20-25 thousand rubles or more. A show-class animal will cost 50-70 thousand rubles or more. By the way, you can buy black Maine Coon and through the Network, and in the bird market it’s really cheap – for 5 thousand rubles and smaller. However, there is no certainty that they will sell purebred and healthy kitten. Unfortunately, there are times when under the guise of Maine Coon gave trusting customers for a lot of money half-breed cat or even a purebred fluffy baby. So that Maine Coon will still have to turn to tribal nursery, especially if there is a desire to purchase an animal for tribal work or to participate in competitions.

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