Big animal – big berry: like a hippopotamus eating watermelon

Hippopotamus is a large mammal, the weight of which can sometimes reach 2 tons. The animal is mainly aquatic life, which is why even in the zoo you can’t often admire his appearance. The maximum that you can see – the eyes and the edge muzzles sticking out of the water. Perhaps that’s why the network is so popular. video of a hippo eating a watermelon. It lets us know about it. the animal is a little bigger.

Hippos are herbivores. But water they do not eat vegetation. To saturate at night, these mammals go ashore and can eat all grass cleanly in the surrounding area. Therefore it is not surprising that watermelons they liked it.

Hippopotamus with a watermelon in the mouth

The hippo’s mouth is so large that the watermelon completely disappears in her

Watermelon feeding a hippo is a show for which gathered all the visitors to the zoo. Worker puts in his mouth An animal is a watermelon, which is then absorbed with a crunch by a hippopotamus. So repeated several times. It can be seen that the juicy hippo berry I liked it. Judging by the cries of watching tourists, they are surprised how fast the huge fruit disappears in the jaws of the animal. In that the moment these giants look very cute.

The size of the fangs of these animals is also striking. By the way, hippos considered dangerous to humans, however, this always happens in response to the provocative behavior of bipeds.

Video: hippo eats watermelon

Hippos, as the video showed, can not only be phlegmatic sit in the water almost all day, but also crunch something with a crunch tasty, waiting for the zoo worker to give a new portion goodies.

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