Belarusian cow that upset Lukashenko feeling good

From the moment of the sensational (in the literal sense of the word) to Belarus’s history has passed four months. How is it now the cow, because of which President Lukashenko arranged for officials loud scandal?

Then the president was outraged by the appearance of the animal, dirty and bad – on this occasion, he said a lot of sharp, not even very printed words, calling the barn, which contains the cows, Auschwitz.

The famous cow

In this form, the famous ladybug caught on a clear presidential eyes

Since then, in the territory of the dairy complex “Licks” put in perfect order, and fresh hay from cows now enough. “Cow of stumbling”, which became the heroine Presidential scandal, it looks just great: cheerful, well-fed, clean – the coat is pretty Dalmatian color glistens. By the way, this is one of the best milk producers on the farm.

In Slizhi, they no longer remember the visit of a distinguished guest: the complex actively developing, and there is a lot of work for everyone here.

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