Beaver York (photo): A revived plush toy on your hands



Origin: Germany

Class: FCI breed not recognized

Color: red and black blotches on white the background

Dimensions: maximum 33 cm at the withers, on average up to 22 cm, weight 2-3 kg

Life span: about 10 years

Beaver York – the very decorative dog that is so nice hold, it is she who often accompanies the stars. By her own the breed is unusual, interesting, with character.

Beaver York has a very nice view. It’s touching the dog is small, I just want to caress it.

The full name of the breed is Beaver Yorkshire Terrier, bred relatively recently, but already managed to win sincere love in every country.

If you want to get a decorative dog, more like plush toy, this is the best choice.


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a puppy
  • 5 Care features
  • 6 combing
  • 7 Walk
  • 8 Power
  • 9 Health
  • 10 characteristic diseases
  • 11 Vaccinations
  • 12 Knit

Breed history

The appearance of the breed is accidental. In the early 80s of the last century in dogs, breeding which the famous Beaver couple in Germany was engaged in, unusual puppies were born.

The cubs had a completely uncharacteristic color for ordinary Yorks: traditional black and red tones diluted the predominant white Colour.

Kids turned out to be charming and interesting. Still it is not clear where such genes came from. There are 2 theories:

  1. It was in this litter that a recessive trait appeared;
  2. Not all manufacturers’ pedigree has been tracked, and on some stage the ancestors of amazing puppies had white in their color Colour.

In part, this is why the breed is still not recognized. By themselves the biveres are like yorkshire terriers that only the color is different.

The same standards are presented to the breed, but traditional York’s color for beavers is considered a vice.

There is one more requirement: red and black spots should will turn on only in white background, without mixing in any way between by myself.


The photo shows the typical Beaver York color: black and red head, colors do not mix, and a white body with clean, black spots

When the purebred Yorks had unexpected offspring, Werner and Gertrude Beaver decided they would breed their own breed. It happened in 1984 of the XX century.

Interesting! The name of the breed was given a surname breeders and the French expression “a la Pom Pont” (“as color ball of wool “). Hence the full name: Yorkshire Beaver Terrier a la Pom Pont.


Beaver York looks very cute and cheerful, and he is the same in of life. Experts believe that the dog’s intelligence is average, aggressiveness is excluded.

Beavers are easy to milestone trainings, behave calmly in society. For children are best friends, always ready to play and fun leprosy.


Beaver Yorkies are always positively charged and ready for fun, outdoor game

The main psychological features of the biver:

  1. An energetic, moving animal that constantly requires a lot attention. Even adult dogs often and very willingly enter funny games and behave directly;
  2. Already at a very young age will quickly learn to recognize state of the owner;
  3. He remembers elementary commands well, but only if if the dog and the owner emotionally understand each other;
  4. The character of most individuals is holistic, dog handlers do not advise trust raising a puppy to a child, despite the fact that contact excellent with children;
  5. Inquisitive and friendly, easy to get along with any other pets

Important! When choosing a baby, carefully look at the color. In beavers, mixing red and black inclusions, both of these colors can only be present on white background (except for the head). Purely snow-white, without any inclusions, there should be paws, stomach and chest.


Beaver York is a typical ornamental breed bred more for pleasure than for practical purposes. Doggy Recommended drive to exhibitions.

For her full grooming is provided, especially in terms of ever-growing, luxurious wool. York haircuts are diverse and creativity.

Animals, like Pomeranian and German Spitz, ideal for home use, quickly get used to various procedures and behave calmly.

You can train your pet, but remember that it’s rather fun friend and companion in games than a quarterback or guard.

If you need a guard dog, we recommend reading articlehttps: //

How to choose a puppy

Puppy beaver terrier shakes its charm and immediacy. I really want to pick him up and cuddle him, however, it’s worth choosing wisely, not being distracted by emotions.

Learn the standard up and down. The breed is young, not yet common, so you can easily buy for big money baby, not quite in line with expectations.


Beaver puppy, ready for independent life with a loving the owner (about 3 months old)

Inspect the head. Color must consist of three colors: white, red or golden, black or blue. No redheads on the body.

Remember: the whole body of the future pet is white with black inclusions or blue, but the head is also with golden tones.

Usually puppies are taken until a permanent bite is formed. And all it’s worth examining the teeth. If something is wrong with dairy, then almost 100% of the problem will continue after their change to permanent. Nose nose should be black.

If the standard is in violation, the price of the animal is reduced. Please note: defective dog is not allowed to exhibitions in the future.

Now about the character. Breeders are advised to opt for active, strong kid.

But here it is important to understand that he is like a little fluffy hurricane: quickly get comfortable in the house, charging everyone around the splashing energy. Therefore, sometimes it is advisable to take a calmer one.

Important! Many beaver diseases appear in early age. Upon careful inspection, you can immediately notice ill health. You should also find out the entire pedigree to exclude genetic problems and personally assess the parents of the pet.

Care Features

Beaver Yorkshire Terrier is an active, mobile animal, in need of constant and thorough care.

Of course, wool deserves special attention, but about it we talk below. In the meantime, the general rules of hygiene and maintenance those are.

Dogs must be bathed regularly, and then very carefully and dry gently under warm air from a hair dryer, at the same time combing.

Since the breed is decorative, various interesting haircuts and decorations in the form of bows.

If you are interested in seeing the craziest dog haircuts, We recommend that you familiarize yourself with articlehttps: //


Beaver York at the groomer

Ears are cleaned daily with special cotton buds, do not pushing deep inside.

The hair on the dog’s body is trimmed by a clipper dogs, and on the face – manually, with scissors, exposing a third ear. Particular attention is paid to the lumps of hair between the fingers. favorite. They must be cut.

How to properly groom dogs at home is described in articlehttps: //

Now about the teeth. Beavers have a problem: fangs may not change to permanent. Need to keep track of this.

If the puppy’s teeth are still milk after 7 months, it’s worth a visit the vet. You also need to regularly clean off tartar.


A special process for beavers. The procedure must be carried out daily, sometimes several times. For this, a special furminator. The hair is combed carefully, on top down over the entire length.

For those animals that they plan to drive to exhibitions, various interesting haircuts are provided, sometimes quite unusual.

If you do not want to attend such events, you can not torture yourself or your pet. Short beaver haircuts are common York, most often – under the puppy.


Short haircut beaver york

Important! Take care not to let the wool dumped, always looked well-groomed and neat. To the touch she should be soft, silky, without an unpleasant odor. White color – always clean, radiant.


Beaver York walks on a leash that attaches to harness or collar, and this is the most important rule. If a you release the dog to freedom, watch her constantly!

Due to its curiosity, the animal can easily run away and get lost. That is why many breeders do not recommend letting go. its in public places with lots of people.


During the walk you need to monitor the dog, in crowded places – leash required

The remaining rules of walking are universal: the best option: thrice a day, morning, afternoon and evening.

In addition, you can take your dog with you to any events and in traveling, she quickly gets used to carrying and loves to sit on hands.


Special attention, of course, should be given to compilation. good nutrition and proper feeding patterns.

This is all the more important because one of the most dangerous diseases is acute pancreatitis – in dogs it develops precisely due to improper food intake and the resulting excess weight.

Do not use only purchased food. It is better to combine it with homemade, and the best option – in general refuse.

Beaver can cook porridge with the addition of meat (buckwheat or rice), give a couple of times a week fish, boiled egg (only fresh, puppies one sixth), liver.

Dogs do not refuse fresh vegetables or fruits, but only chopped or from your hands as a treat. Sometimes pets are spoiled fresh beef bone, which has leftover meat.

The food is always warm and exclusively freshly cooked! Make sure there is always water. From 6 months, babies are transferred to three meals a day, from 9 – two meals a day.

Sweets, baked goods, smoked meats and small bones.

Important! Teach your puppy nothing since childhood pick up on the street. Such food can be harmful and even fatal. for the pet!


Beaver has significant problems with him. They even say: this would be the most popular and very expensive decorative breed if It would not be a disease that affects a large percentage of puppies and adults.

From this point of view, Beaver York is a problem dog.

Many believe that the appearance of the breed is to blame. Still recessive genes should not be cultivated, hence the problems with the body. About typical diseases a little lower, but for now – about how to make out and avoid them.


Healthy Beaver York appearance – an eloquent indicator good internal health

  • Rule one: healthy coat means the animal is healthy. At a fluffy friend’s hairline should look moisturized, shine, do not fall into lumps.
  • Rule two: playfulness is the main indicator. If the dog became lethargic, ceased to show cheerfulness of nature, with her definitely not everything is in order.
  • Rule Three: Timely Vaccinations! In no case skip and do not abandon these important preventative procedures.
  • Rule Four: The vet is the dog’s best friend. Go to receptions regularly, then nothing will be missed or skipped.

Characteristic diseases

Basically, all genetic diseases appear along with puppy birth:

  1. Legg-Perthes disease – a pathology in which occurs necrosis of the femoral head, without inflammation. At the animal appears lame, which only intensifies, muscles atrophy. It is treated only surgically.
  2. Pancreatitis A disease in which it is completely destroyed pancreas, and the dog dies. Prevention is right rational, balanced diet.
  3. Portosystemic extrahepatic shunts are also hereditary a problem in the vascular system. The kid stops growing, it starts constantly and seemingly for no reason to tear, cramps become more frequent. Being treated surgically.

Important! When choosing a puppy, be sure to explore pedigree to know for sure that he is not sick. Dogs with there is a pathology, are considered defective and are not for exhibitions allowed.


Beavers go through the same vaccinations as any dogs, according to a calendar compiled by a veterinarian.

The first two (primary and booster) up to 3 months, and many breeders recommend taking a pet after he received and passed the necessary quarantine.

The next one is at 10 months. Give the anthelmintic a week before her means, and after you put, refrain a couple weeks from walking. Contact with others is also undesirable. dogs.


The issue of breeding york york is still not an easy one. At first, the breed is very young, and there are no quality producers to be found so simple, especially in Russia, where these dogs appeared yet later.

Secondly, the process is quite risky for bitches. They are very often cannot give birth on their own, so you have to resort to Caesarean section.

In connection with this feature, engage in viscous and breeding Beaver is better for those who are well versed in the issue. If you not sure you can, it’s better to sterilize the animal.


Beaver York with puppies

Many owners have a negative attitude to this idea. If you still configured to knit, you need to know the main thing.

The first estrus of this breed of dogs begins at about 9-10 months, but individuals should not be knitted whose weight less than 2 kg.

The mating itself is standard, as with any other breed. Only the nuance is matching the pair: you will never determine the color offspring. In this regard, dogs are very unpredictable.

Cutie beaver york will be a fun furry friend, always uplifting and causing excitement not only among boys and girls, but also in adults.

Beaver York: A revived plush toy in your arms

Beaver York – the very decorative dog that is so nice hold, it is she who often accompanies the stars. By her own the breed is unusual, interesting, with character.

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