Beauceron (Smooth French shepherd dog)

Beauceron, French Shorthaired Shepherd, Beauce Shepherd, Berger de beauce

Beauceron (Smooth French Shepherd Dog) Beauceron, French Shorthaired Shepherd, Beauce Shepherd, Berger de Beauce

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 5
  • Training: 5
  • Size: 7
  • Mind: 5
  • Security: 6
  • Relations with children: 10
  • Dexterity: 8
  • Shedding: 5


The breed was bred in France in the 1500s. Shepherd was used farmers to protect cattle, sheep and families. Also this breed was used as envoys in French armies during the First and Second World Wars, where they were valued for their ability to detect mines. Today, Beauceron continues used by the military and the police and also it’s beautiful companion.


It is a large, strong and strong dog, with a well-built and muscular body. The head is long, commensurate with the body, eyes slightly ovoid and dark. The nose is black. Ears are short and lowered can be trimmed to remain upright. A long tail forms a small hook at the end. Color is black with taupe and pure black.



Beauceron is powerful, solid and well balanced. breed. Beauceron tireless, smart, very obedient, disciplined and very active and brave dog, but nervous and quite aggressive. He is very attached and faithful to his owner and he loves children. The dog can move more than 80 kilometers in while not tired. Temperament

Beauceron is well known for his loyalty and devotion. They are gentle, calm, bold and intelligent dogs. They are not recommended for houses with young children because of their herd instinct. Boseron better at home with adults and attentive children. The breed is protective, they are outstanding guard dogs. They don’t get along with other dogs, however, they will accept other animals if they were early socialized.


They are quite easy to train, because they seek to please their master, they are hardworking and stable. From early age he must be socialized with different people and animals. Otherwise, it can become aggressive and evil. The breed needs socialization and proper training in order to control your aggressive side.

A haircut

The fur does not require too much care. Cleaning is done more often only in molting period.


The dog needs a lot of exercise, activity, owner with experience in training dogs and who can set aside time for long walks and workouts.

Common diseases

Beauceron has relatively few health problems, especially if consider that these are purebred dogs. Most common disabilities or health problems – this is dysplasia Hip joint and bells and whistles.


With his fearlessness and courage, he is a very good watchman for stud for home. It is also used as a helpful dog. from the police and the army.

The Beaucerons can compete in dexterity tests, obedience, tracking and shepherding competitions.

Breed Information

A country France
Life span 10-13 years old
Height Males: 66-71 cm Bitches: 63-66 cm
Weight Males: 32-45 kg Bitches: 30-39 kg
Long wool short
Colour black with tan tones, pure black
Group for protection, guard
Price 800 – 2200 $

Breed photo

Beauceron - photo Beauceron (Smooth French Shepherd Dog) - photo Smooth-haired French shepherd - photo Beauceron (Smooth French Shepherd Dog) Beauceron (Smooth French Shepherd Dog) - photo Beauceron (Smooth French Shepherd Dog) - photo

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