Beagle had only two days to live, but he came man and saved him

This charming dog is called Gregory. More than anything the beagle loves to hug his master, who saved his life.

Beagle handsome was very unlucky: at the age of two he contracted heart worms – this is a parasitic disease, which is difficult to cure. The owners are to blame did not timely treat the pet from parasites. But people are not admitted their guilt – they decided to just get rid of the patient dogs and sent her to a shelter in Franklin County (USA).

Shelters do a great and noble job helping the homeless animals, but it’s not so rare to make difficult decisions about pet euthanasia – for example, in cases of increased aggressiveness or complex diseases. So in American shelters fall asleep to a third of the total the number of animals contained here.

So it should have happened with Gregory: the shelter did not want engage in expensive and long treatment, a date has already been set euthanasia. But two days before this terrible date, a miracle happened: in the shelter came Joe Kirk and took a doomed dog. At the same moment Gregory hugged the paws of his savior and snuggled up to him tight-tight.

The master with the beagle

Now he does this constantly – both at home and in the car; dog always next to your beloved host. Joe and his wife Sheila persistently struggling with an insidious disease – Gregory gradually goes to amendment.

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