Bahamian sheltered in her home without small hundred stray dogs

Shella Phillips lives in the Bahamas, in the city of Nassau. When weather forecasters announced the approach of the devastating Hurricane Dorian, a woman urgently went out to collect stray dogs.

She hid 97 stray dogs in her small cottage, and 79 of them lodged directly in the hostess’s bedroom. what interestingly, none of the dogs showed aggression to either the person or to fellow sufferers.

When a hurricane roared outside the walls of a house, a woman reassured her guests as she could: let them listen to music and show cartoons brought toys.

Stray dogs in the house

The element has done a lot of trouble, however, the hometown of Schell suffered less than others. Zoodefender encourages good people not leaving the smaller brothers without help in such difficult times.

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