Baby pug regains confidence to a giant dog

In one of the shelters in the UK was a guard breed dog Cane Corso. He was terribly intimidated and absolutely did not trust people.

The owners wanted a vicious and scary dog, and Fraser was good. They gave him a formidable fighting look – they stopped the tail and ears, tried to drag on malice, but the pet could not understand what they want from him. Surely they beat him to provoke retaliatory aggression. – finding himself in a shelter, the dog shied away from human hands and shuddered from any rustle.

It was painful to look at, and here the employee of the shelter Elizabeth Kidd came up with an interesting idea. Recently she had her own dog – a six month old pug puppy, incredibly cheerful and positive. The dogs decided to introduce and for some even lodge together.

Cane Corso and the Pug

Canistotherapy, as it turned out, works wonders not only with people, but also with dogs. Funny pug dog with funny Fraser really liked the name Pancake, and he looked at his new friend, tried to become like him. Where did it go frightened unhappy dog – proud handsome cane corso now completely self-confident, and soon he will have a new owner, who will never betray him.

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