Australian police come to the rescue drowning kangaroo

Wild Kangaroo Rescue Incident Occurs in Rosebud (state of Victoria).

Locals spotted a kangaroo who was desperately trying stay afloat. But the waves for the animal were stronger, and it began to take him further and further.

The police came to the call, who had already found the kangaroo on shore. It seemed that this would all end, but the brave the animal wanted to swim again and galloped into the water. On that since a huge wave nearly swallowed him. But the police had time react in time and pulled the kangaroo out of the abyss.

On the official Victoria Police Twitter Channel it is indicated that the police were not only able to save the trapped in animal trouble, but also provided him with the necessary assistance. Later kangaroo taken to the Rosbud site, where veterinary workers examined him service.

Sergeant Tonkinon explained to the BBC that every life is worthy salvation, and this is his immediate duty.

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