Asian Tabby: Striped Friend

The breed Asian Tabby belongs to Asian cats. She was bred by crossing breeds of Burmese cat and Asian chinchillas. Received official recognition in 1990.

This is a short-haired cat breed that has a soft, complaisant and sociable character.


Tabby has established itself as one of the friendliest breeds cats.

Asian Tabby Cat

Therefore, this breed is recommended to start families with children.

Asian Tabby Kittens

Cats get along well with children and are very patient, even with awkward they do not show aggression when handling babies claws.

Asian Tabby Breed Cat

Asian tabby is good with other pets too get along.

Asian tabby next to the dogAsian tabby cat with a dog

The physique of these cats is muscular and elongated, and the fur is soft.

Asian Tabby Posing

All Asian tabby have a “necklace” and dark markings near nose and eyes and mouth, and on the forehead a characteristic “scarab sign”.

Asian Tabby Muzzle

Their eyes are golden, slightly slanting, almond-shaped.

Asian Tabby Breed Cat

Care for them is simple, cats are very clean and savvy.

Asian tabby on the bed

In the past, only the most affluent could keep these cats. people, therefore, to have such a cat meant an opportunity to raise your social status.

Black Asian Tabby

Now this breed has become one of the most popular.

Asian Tabby Kittens

There is an interesting feature of the manifestation of love of Asian tabby – finely trembling tail.

If you don’t pay attention to the cat at this moment and don’t caress, the animal may be offended.

Asian Tabby Breed Cat

Love and attention are very important to these cats, therefore it is not worth forget that for them it is important not only to offer food on time, but also pick up, stroke, play, speak kind words. However, this is important for all pets.

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