Archik – a talking parrot: a chatty video a bird

It’s no secret that most parrots are able to pronounce words. Large varieties are considered the most talkative, although among small birds meet talkers.

On the Internet, a video with a wavy parrot Archik is popular – over a million views. The feathered one has a real talent for learning human language. At the time of shooting Archik was only 7 months, but he already has a rich vocabulary, although usually the wavy only know a few words. Favorite bird phrases:

  • let’s whisper;
  • I love you;
  • Archik – a golden bird, take care of the parrot;
  • a little boy – a talking parrot;
  • one, two, three, four, five – Archik went out for a walk;
  • good bird.

Also the wavy makes sounds of kisses and sings a song about Antoshka. And also the ingenious bird knows Pushkin’s poems: “I’m sitting behind bars in a wet dungeon, a young eagle fed in captivity. ”

Parrot Archik

According to the mistress of Archik, he said the first words at about 3 of the month

In systematic studies, the first phrases of wavy are learned for 1-3 months. Easiest they remember words with hissing sounds and the letter “p”. It is believed that you need to start training in 3-4 month.

Netizens appreciated Archik’s abilities and admired a bird.

Archik is such a capable boy Wunderkind. The bird is not golden, but priceless.

Tatyana Gornostaeva

https: // www. youtube. com / watch? v = ggCBHJC26QE

There are a lot of speakers, but Archik’s pronunciation is simple exceptional!

Nadezhda barylskaya

https: // www. youtube. com / embed / ggCBHJC26QE

Although some viewers have decided that continuous parrot chatter can get on your nerves.

is he chatting all day? I would have to kill him in a day wanted to)

Karaoke video

https://www. youtube. com / embed / ggCBHJC26QE

Video: Parrot Archik talking

Budgies are cute and funny birds that can keep up the conversation if taught. Among them are found and real geeks who know a lot of phrases. And your bird can speak? Share pet success in the comments!

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