Animals that break prevailing about them stereotypes

People throughout their existence study the environment the world, and creatures living near us. And already, it seems, about most representatives of the animal world everything is known from childhood, but it happens surprises. For example, it suddenly turns out that there are fish that don’t swim, but snakes can fly …. Here are 10 animals with unusual and strange habits.


  • 1 clam that feeds on the sun
  • 2 legless lizard
  • 3 fish that does not swim
  • 4 A dog that does not bark
  • 5 A mammal that lays eggs
  • 6 Snake, similar to an earthworm
  • 7 Land-based fish
  • 8 Animal with DNA of fungi and plants
  • 9 the snake that flies
  • 10 Warm-blooded fish

Clam that feeds on the sun

Sea slug

This mollusk adapted to draw energy from the sun and like plants to carry out the process of photosynthesis.

Sea slug: Half plant, half animal

Therefore, it can do without food, eating energy the sun.

Solar Slug Sea Slug

Legless lizard


This lizard is easily confused with a snake.

legless lizards

In the European zone of Russia, a legless lizard is often found spindle (copperfish).

copper coin

Legless lizard is common in the southern part of the country. yellow-bellied.


These reptiles lack limbs, and movement occurs due to the body’s ability to wriggle.

A lizard that has no legs

They differ from snakes in a rigid connection of the left and right parts jaws, the presence of moving eyelids, shoulder girdle.

legless lizard head

Fish that does not swim

bat bat Darwin

The bat of Darwin.

Darwin's bat bat

It lives near the Galapagos Islands, at a depth of more than 30 meters. He uses pectoral fins to move, but not floats, and “steps” along the bottom of the ocean.

A fish that can't swim

A dog that does not bark


Beautiful Basenji breed dog (African lazy dog or a forest dog from Congo) can howl, screech and cough, but not knows how to bark.

Bassenji Puppies

This is one of the oldest breeds native to Africa.

Dogs That Don't Bark

These dogs do not smell and wash their paw like cats.

Dog breed Bassenji

A mammal that lays eggs


This is a platypus. Scientists for a long time did not know where his identify: reptiles, mammals or birds.

The Platypus Cubs

This animal has a beak, webbed feet and a body covered in fur, and he lays eggs.

The platypus is an unusual animal

Earthworm-like snake

Brahmin blindman

This is the smallest snake in the world – the Brahmin blind man.

The smallest snakeThe smallest snake

Most people don’t even think that it’s a snake, looks like an earthworm. But unlike him, the snake is not capable stretch and shrink and covered with dense scales.

A worm-like snakeA worm-like snake

Land-based fish


Ocean rock jumper lives exclusively on land and does not can swim.

Ocean Rock JumperOcean Rock Jumper

The fish adapted to breathe skin, like an amphibian, it categorically does not want to fall into the water, jumping even from the wave.

Land fishLand fish

But if the jumper’s skin is completely dry, the fish will die, therefore it wets the body, moving along wet stones.

Animal with DNA of fungi and plants.


Tardigrades (small water bear).

water bearwater bear

These microscopic animals are able to survive in the most adverse conditions. They live on tops of the highest mountains, so in the hot sands of the African desert. As shown research, they survive even in space radiation.

Tardigrades or water bearTardigrades or water bear

The snake that flies

flying kiteflying kite

More precisely, she plans in the air, flattening her body, overcoming distance to 24 meters.

Paradise SnakeParadise Snake

These snakes live in trees, and due to their ability to plan move from tree to tree.

Paradise decorated snakeParadise decorated snake

Warm-blooded fish

Red FeatherRed Feather

Redfin smell is the only warm-blooded fish in the world, maintains a constant body temperature thanks to its fast movement of the pectoral fins.

warm-blooded fishwarm-blooded fish

Opah has a unique structure of the circulatory system for fish.

Here is a variety of animals with unusual behavior gave us nature. We saw many of them, but did not even suspect them features.

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