Animals from the zoo of Primorye wish take pictures

In the zoo of Primorye near the tree, a whole queue of animals wanting to get into the camera lens.

The hidden camera trap in the menagerie “Land of the Leopards” is not stopped shooting. Almost all animals got into her lens parka. They seemed to agree to meet at the appointed place in appointed time.

The object of the meeting was a tree, near which they left their mark foxes, deer, herd of wild boars, bears (brown and Himalayan), badgers, hares, Amur tigers, as well as the whole family leopards.

The leopard is located right next to the hidden camera trap

Source: NTV

Experts explain that the lonely tree in the center of the frame is as a point of distribution of the Internet, when all interested inhabitants of the zoo can exchange information among themselves. Someone through the smells declares its territory, and someone will find life partner.

The tiger family organized games right next to the camera trap

Source: NTV

For zoologists, these are unique frames that will be able to to clarify the biodiversity of Leopard Land Park.

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