Animal lifespan

The average life span of animals varies in dependence not only on the type of animal, but also on other factors, such as whether they live indoors or outdoors air and the level of medical care that is provided to them by the owners. Popular pets like cats and dogs usually live around 10 -12 years old, which means a child who gets a pet, will have to survive death within childhood.

A pet’s life can be prolonged if it is followed correctly. look after. Proper nutrition, suitable habitat and quality veterinary care can significantly increase animal lifespan.


Each breed of dog has its own duration. of life. Breeds such as Irish Wolfhound, Bulldogs and Bernese sennenhund dogs have an average life expectancy of six or seven years old. At the other end of the spectrum are rocks such as bedlington terriers, decorative dachshunds and poodles, tibetan terrier and whippets, which have a lifespan of about 14 years. Life expectancy is not the maximum age, and many dogs can live for 20 years or more.


For cats, the main factor that determines life expectancy is whether they live indoors or on in the open air. Outside the house, cats usually live only four or five years because they are likely to catch viruses or get injuries. Domestic cats usually live 12-18 years old.


Birds usually have a lifespan of 10-3 0 years. Parrots – Cockatoo, Macaw and Corella – as a rule, live longer. These birds can live up to 70 years or more.

Pet life span
Animal Average number of years Maximum (centenarians)
Dogs 12 29th
Domestic cats 12-18 34
Horses 20 6 2
Cows 20 35
Goats fifteen 18
Sheeps 8-16 20
Rabbits 5-fifteen 18
Hamsters 3 10
Rats 2-3 4
Mice 3-5 6
Lizards 4 8
Frogs 4-15 21
Pigeons 20 35
Owls thirty 80
Crows 15 80
Cockatoo up to 70 70
Sparrows 15-20 23
Goldfish 5-10 41
Crocodile 13-14
Eagle 80
a lion 35
Penguin royal 25-28
Python 20
Zebra thirty
Indian elephant 70
Chimpanzee fifty
Beaver 20
Arctic whale 190-200 211

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