Amstaff (photo): Affectionate pet and faithful defender



Origin: USA

Class: according to the classification of the International Film Festival group 3, section 3, номер 286<

Color: black, blue (gray coat), red (pure or with black tint), fawn, brindle, white

Sizes: height at the withers: male – 46-50 cm, female – 44-48 cm

Life span: 12-15 years

Amstaff – a dog with a rather controversial character, physically powerful and at the same time sensitive and gentle dog, ready to occupy leadership position and touchy in response to the unfair, in his opinion, attitude.

For a dog to grow up healthy, he needs either a high-quality industrial feed or meat diet with vegetables and dairy products.


Amstaff – a great companion and defender

The full name of the breed is Amstaff – American Staffordshire terrier. This is a great companion and protector. The photo stands out broad muscular chest of the dog, while the animal has elegant look. Amstaffs are known for their decisive character, stamina and at the same time sensitivity.


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  • 4 How to choose a puppy
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  • 8 Power
  • 9 Health
  • 10 characteristic diseases
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  • 12 Knit

Breed history

The history of breeding American Staffordshire Terriers goes back in the 19th century. Cross breed Bulldogs and game terriers, initially called bull terrier. Subsequently, in England they began to be called Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Further breeding continued in America. Modern the name “American Staffordshire Terrier” was adopted in 1972 year and entered in the Book of American Breeds Kennel Club. Unlike their English predecessors, these individuals look more muscular.


Amstaff – a powerful, muscular dog


Amstaff feels comfortable being close to a person. This dog is sociable and affectionate, while strong and hardy. IN psychological portrait noticeable inconsistency.

Amstaffs combine susceptibility and rude appearance, stamina and affection. Although this dog is a born protector, she takes care of his safety. If she feels to herself an unfair attitude will demonstrate resentment. In many ways the behavior of representatives of this breed is similar to American pit bull terriers.

Important! American staffordshire it is recommended to start a terrier only to people who already had dog.

Host relationship

Amstaff is very dependent on his master and adapts to his character. Therefore, it is recommended to start such a dog only balanced and consistent people.

Puppies should get used to society as early as possible. They are taken on walk along a busy street, ride with them in a public transport or by car, go to places with a lot of visitors.

It helps Amstaff get used to strangers and unexpected situations. So that puppies get used to getting along with others dogs, they are led to calm individuals.


Amstaff training should begin at an early age

The breed is well trained, start training with early age. Only positive motivation is allowed, in Otherwise, the pet begins to harden.

Puppies are very smart and easy to learn to participate in. different types of cynological sports. When the dog is showing stubbornness, the owner can be difficult. Should be patient and avoid any injurious effects.

Puppy training

Amstaff’s training must include such moments.

  1. Give command. To train her from time to time with a puppy take away a toy. Such consistent education teaches Amstaffa see the leader in the host and not try to take this place. Leadership inclinations should be thwarted, however, as with others breeds of large dogs such as alabai, kangalitos inu.
  2. Relationship with other dogs. Must not be allowed to Amstaff was aggressive towards other individuals. For this very small puppy introduced to friendly dogs.

Activity and energy should be taken into account. American Staffordshire Terrier. If he is bored, then the objects of his games will be walls in the house or furniture. So that the pet can throw out energy, he needs mental and physical stress. The owner needs to provide for his pet interesting developing tasks.

Important! Ideally, with American Staffordshire Terrier is worth playing sports. how an alternative, you can include frequent walks in the routine.


Amstaff recommends sports

A properly trained amstaff who has a competent and balanced owner, can destroy prejudice to this breed, because its representatives have long been used as fighting dogs.


The American Staffordshire Terrier is a universal breed. Dogs get along well with people and are not lost in an urban environment. They are have high intelligence and artistic abilities, therefore, they occupy the first positions at exhibitions where it is shown submission to the owner.

As you can see in the photo, the amstaff is impressively complex. He is inclined protect, therefore it is a wonderful guard dog. Playfulness and activity make it a suitable companion for children.

How to choose a puppy

Choosing a puppy is an important and crucial moment, because he is on for many years will become a member of the family. Here are the key aspects that require attention:

  • the appearance of the puppy;
  • activity and interest in what is happening;
  • conditions of detention;
  • Amstaff colors according to the breed standard;
  • purchase price;
  • indicators of parents.

Healthy puppy

Apparently healthy puppies are dense, strong and playful. Wool shiny, lies smooth. The puppy should not have rashes or scratching on the skin. Amstaff colors – a matter of taste, matching is important breed standard. It is worth examining his tummy: if he is too swollen, this indicates infection with helminths.


You can determine that the puppy is healthy by its face

The fact that the puppies are healthy can be determined by examining the muzzle. The eyes are clean, have a pleasant shine, the nose is moist. Near ear shells no discharge, no smell. Another point – scissor bite. Also, the dog should not have signs rickets: bent paws, joint deformities.


Healthy puppies are active and playful. They are keenly interested occurring, including the arrival of potential owners. Not advised to take amstaff, who in every possible way avoids contact with people and is not given into the hands. Shyness is not a good thing for dogs, it does not pass as it grows older and even becomes cause of disqualification.

Important! To make it easier to choose colors Amstaff and a specific puppy, it is worth watching a few litters. It is preferable to take the dog from home where you can see what the mother and other puppies look like.

Another important point is the puppy’s gender. It should be guided here features of sexual dimorphism and personal preferences. there is the so-called “cross-selection rule”: the owner is better to get a bitch, and to the mistress – a dog.

Males are more active and energetic, tend to dominate and may be stubborn at times. Bitches versus them flexible, gentle, their intelligence is better developed, and emotional perception is finer. There is a difference in finding a partner: in bitches hunting is observed only during estrus, while males are passionate this year-round.

Why buy a puppy


Amstaffs have different colors.

When purchasing a puppy, you should decide on the purpose of the acquisition. The dog will be just a pet, is breeding planned or participation in exhibitions, the desired colors of amstaff (brindle, black, blue, white amstaff). From this point of view puppies there are:

  1. Show class. In such dogs, all the features correspond to breed standard, advantages are pronounced. People get them willing to participate in exhibitions, possibly tribal breeding.
  2. Brid-class. Such dogs do not have pronounced deviations from breed standard. They can participate in exhibitions, but mostly purchased for breeding.
  3. Pet class. Such a dog may have an atypical color or another parameter that does not meet the breed standard. Although amstaffs pet class do not participate in breeding, these deviations from the standard do not affect the health of the dog. She will become a wonderful pet with character traits, common to all amstaffs.

An important factor is the price. At professional breeders puppies may cost more. But this price includes the cost of care and veterinary care of dogs, as well as the creation for them optimal conditions of detention.

Care Features

The American Staffordshire Terrier is also attractive because just look after him. These dogs are predominantly strong health. It is important to monitor your pet’s diet to avoid obesity.


Amstaff is easy to care for

As for the conditions of detention, the amstaff should live in an apartment or house. He needs to equip a warm and dry place. Aviary located on a garden plot, for keeping this dog not will do.

Includes American Staffordshire Terrier timely clipping of the claws and cleaning of the auricles.


Amstaff’s beautiful colors are formed by a short, shiny coat. It should be combed regularly so that the hairs do not fall apart. housework. A brush with a rough brush is suitable for this purpose. bristle, furminator when caring for this not used by breed.

Important! To give shine to her coat rub car suede.


To provide your pet with sufficient motor activity, it is recommended to increase the time of walks. Can play with a dog to the ball or to serve the pitch. In hot weather it will be superfluous swim. Representatives of this breed are very convenient to walk, using a harness for a large dog.

Before you let Amstaff in water, you need to make sure that the skin no open wounds or irritated areas. The latter may indicate bacterial infection.


Amstaff needs to move a lot


To feed an Amstaff puppy, like an adult dog, you only need to quality products. The owners have two options:

  • high quality dry feed;
  • products from the human table using vitamin and mineral supplements.

Important! The use of cheap dry feed negatively affects the health of the animal. Therefore, the finished diet necessarily acquired high quality.

Amstaff is fed at the same time. Puppies should always have access to clean water. Amstaff only uses fresh food. Leftover feed should be removed.

Puppy’s balanced diet includes the following products:

  • low-fat raw meat (beef), cut into small pieces, partial replacement by fish or boiled offal is possible (in compared with meat, the volume is 1.5 times more);
  • tripe – raw, cut into pieces;
  • dairy products – mainly kefir and cottage cheese, be sure to Fresh
  • egg yolk – raw or in the form of an omelet, no more than two times a a week;
  • the following types of vegetables: root vegetables, squash, pumpkin, cucumbers – cut into small pieces, seasoned with a small amount sunflower oil.

It is contraindicated to give fatty meat (pork) to Amstaff puppies, smoked meats, bones, uncrushed oatmeal and barley, potatoes, legumes. These foods cause digestive problems and lead to tooth decay.


In most cases, amstaffs do not have significant problems. with health. With proper content, life expectancy dogs will be about 12-15 years old.


Amstaffs have good health

For the health of the dog and the development of strong muscles (as in the photo in the article) she needs to be given raw meat. The puppy’s diet is percentage the proportion of proteins is about a third. So that the amstaff has good immunity, he needs amino acids.

To avoid obesity, you need to ensure that the dog does not overeating.

Characteristic diseases

Among the diseases characteristic of amstaffs are listed:

  • arthritis;
  • hip and elbow dysplasia;
  • digestive problems (bloating);
  • allergic reactions;
  • genetic pathology of the botallic duct, which is fraught slowdown in physical development and lung disease;
  • eye diseases (cataract, retinal atrophy);
  • deafness;
  • skin diseases;
  • oncological diseases.


Puppies receive timely vaccination against infections such like parvovirus enteritis, plague and others. First vaccination done when Amstaff turns 2 months old, the second in three months.

To support immunity, vaccinations are subsequently given once. in year. There are three basic rules:

  • the animal must be healthy;
  • for 14 days the dog is deworming, flea treatment and ticks;
  • vaccination is carried out 2-3 months before mating, so that prevent negative effects for puppies.


Animals are regularly vaccinated.

Once a quarter, the dog is given deworming. In warm weather, with early spring before frost, Amstaff needs treatment from fleas and ticks. Special preparations and collars are provided.


Bitches over 16 months old are allowed to mate; males after 18 months. To determine the readiness of the dog, you need to contact dog training club. There, the instructor will pick up some males, of which the owner will choose the manufacturer.

Health, standard compliance, colors (black, blue, brindle, white amstaff). Basic Rules:

  • the bitch is brought to the dog, and not vice versa;
  • deworming is carried out two weeks before estrus;
  • On the first or second day, estruses turn to a cynological club for finding a male.


Amstaff puppies

Astuff is a great defender, strongly attached to his the owner and depending on his character and mood. Nurturing this dogs require a competent, consistent approach. Such a pet Become a loyal friend and fun companion.

Amstaff: Affectionate Pet and Faithful Defender

Amstaff – a dog with a rather controversial character, physically powerful and at the same time sensitive and gentle dog, ready to occupy leadership position and touchy in response to the unfair, in his opinion, attitude.

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