American met a bear in the forest: video from predator

The girl’s meeting with the bear almost ended in tragedy. TO fortunately, the victim escaped with fear.

According to Sherry Moore, she met a predator in the forest, in surroundings of Denver, USA. The girl was jogging, and suddenly noticed ahead of the bear. She decided to shoot the beast in a video, while trying to calm him down with words. However it is not acted on the animal, and the bear suddenly rushed to Sherry.

According to the American, it was very scary – she decided that the bear will kill her. He stood on his hind legs nearby and puffed. Predator was so close that from his breath Moore moved on his head hair. A frightened girl looked into the animal’s eyes, and then began to scream at him. The bear still retreated, and Sherry quickly ran away from the meeting place, fearing that no matter how the beast changed his mind.

baribal bear

The beast met by the girl refers to the species baribal, or black bear – it rarely attacks people

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