Alena Vodonaeva picked up a newt in a puddle, her cat shocked

Popular TV presenter Alyona Vodonaeva, blogger, writer and model. turned out to be a lover of animals. She “adopted” thrown out by someone newt and already spent a lot of him money.

He spent a week in a puddle near the restaurant, where sometimes he dines a star, and almost died: someone simply splashed out water with tritonchikom in the center of the flowerbed.

Alena Vodonaeva

Alena Vodonaeva: the newt is still so small

As soon as Alena was shown the unfortunate baby, she took him to her home. I had to urgently buy an aquarium that the 37-year-old model has not had since childhood, and consult with knowledgeable people on how to properly maintain new pet.

A huge Maine Coon cat named Escobar, who has been living for a long time in the house, was completely at a loss from such an acquisition, but the hostess has no doubt that he will not offend the baby.

Cat Escobar

Cat Escobar is very attached to his mistress

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