Alabama rescues a deaf puppy

According to Fox News, a defenseless little creature is deaf puppy – spent more than a day in a fifteen-meter pit, waiting when the Ministry of Emergency Situations will conduct a rescue operation.

The incident happened in the US state of Alabama, in the city Huntsville A puppy named Toffee fell into a deep 15-meter pit. The animal could not get out of the trap on its own. Him had to spend almost thirty hours there.

Plumbers, firefighters and employees of the special service that deals with the rescue of people and animals from the caves. Go down the hole to get a puppy, people don’t could. She was too narrow for an adult.

Butterscotch saved all US intelligence agencies

The owner of a deaf puppy called the salvation of her pet a miracle

They tried to get the puppy together for several hours. FROM using nets, traps and tasty baits that were lowered into the hole. All this time, being in excitement, the hostess watched the operation animal karen smith. She recently took Toffee from the shelter. At the dog there were health problems – hearing impairment. He is practical hears nothing and is poorly oriented in space.

When her pet was finally taken out of the trap, she exclaimed: “This is a miracle!”

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