After meeting with a sheep, a tourist got into the hospital

Angry Austrian sheep attacked a tourist from Germany and dropped him from the hillside. The man escaped with severe bruises, but landed in hospital.

The victim himself – 38-year-old Michael claims to the animal is not has: he understands that the sheep showed aggression unusual for her, because she was protecting her cub.

Three friends from Lower Saxony, including Michael went on a long-awaited hike in the mountains of the neighboring Austria. In the picturesque Tyrolean valley of Zillertal, tourists have become take pictures of peacefully grazing lambs. But pastoral idyll was soon broken: one of the sheep really did not like Michael.

Sheep with a lamb

For some reason, the young mother decided that this suspicious a man wants to offend her lamb and stood on his the road. The tourist, not realizing the danger, decided to get around live obstacle, but immediately received several tangible blows, from which fell off a cliff. Comrades delivered an unlucky man to the hospital institution.

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