Accountant from Colorado opened his house and heart for older animals

In the house of Steve Greig, an accountant from Colorado (USA), lives funny company of pets – the owner himself on the page in instagram with humor calls her “Wolf Pack”. These animals – old people that everyone refused.

It all started with a tragic event: Steve’s beloved dog died. Then the man, in order to drown out his own pain somehow, decided help the most miserable dog that no one needs and went to the shelter for homeless animals. Came back with an old looking like tiny sad donkey chihuahua abandoned owners: the twelve-year-old Eeyore had painful joints and noises in heart.

So with Eeyore it all began: now in the “pack” there are ten dogs, each of which has its own sad story, and also – chicken, rabbit and even Vietnamese pig with a funny name Bikini. Steve gave them a chance for a decent life, and together they are happy.

Steve Greig's Pets

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