Abyssinian cats food: store food or natural food

In ancient times, red-eared animals lived in Abyssinia – ancestors of modern abyssinian cats. They were revered, worshiped, murals with portraits of these cats were applied to the tombs of the pharaohs, and in each rich house was served by a person whose duties included caring for the animal. There are no Pharaohs left, Abyssinia has long been renamed Ethiopia, and these cats were “cultured” and made popular all over the world. Only here is the issue of feeding so far remains difficult for many hosts.


  • 1 Features of the diet of Abyssinian cats
    • 1.1 Nutrition of Abyssinian cats according to age
    • 1.2 How to feed a cat and an Abyssinian cat
    • 1.3 Diet for an obyssinian cat with obesity
    • 1.4 Diet for a cat allergic
    • 1.5 the selection of nutrition during pregnancy and lactation
    • 1.6 The diet of castrated and sterilized cats
  • 2 Prohibited foods in the diet of Abyssinian cats
  • 3 Which feeds are best used according to age
    • 3.1 Industrial feed for Abyssinian cats
      • 3.1.1 Table: characteristics of finished feed for Abyssinian cats
      • 3.1.2 Photo Gallery: Abyssinian Cat Food Stores
    • 3.2 Natural nutrition of Abyssinian cats
  • 4 Is it necessary to add vitamins to the diet
  • 5 Expert opinions and reviews of owners of Abyssinian cats

Features of the diet of Abyssinian cats

With proper care for an Abyssinian cat, she can survive to 10 years. And her food is essential part of the chores. The diet for abyssinians needs to be selected based on the age and health of the animal. Also important take into account the physiological characteristics of the cat: is it sterilized she, is pregnant, does she have an allergy, etc. Meticulous owners try to take into account the sex of the animal.

Abyssinian cat

The cat’s health and duration depend on the nutrition of the cat. of life

Abyssinian cats food according to age

Proper nutrition should begin in childhood. The natural option is when the cat feeds its cubs before their achievement of one year old. However, abyssinian kittens rarely so stay with mom for a long time. You cannot feed a kitten with food, intended for adult cats. And it’s not just about the size servings. If the ideal food for an Abyssinian kitten is milk, then artificial feeding should be based on this principle. At least 10-13 weeks, the kitten needs special milk mixes. Gradually a little Abyssinian can start feeding baby meat mixes and cereals. Can pick up special paste for kittens.

Of course, it is important to observe the regime as well. At small Abyssinians have thimbles, so servings should be half the size of adults. You need to feed the baby several times in day (5 times a month, 4 times a 3 months, 3 times a half a year, etc. d.). Most veterinarians recommend feeding Abyssinian kittens according to the general rules.

The nutrition of adult Abyssinian cats in connection with the breed is different stronger. A familiar vet told me that the jaws of these cats narrow, so they often swallow food, almost without chewing food. Because of this, they often have burps, hiccups and others trouble with the digestive tract. Therefore, it is recommended to select feed or prepare food so that the pieces of food are large. Cat get used to chewing for a long time, and the problem is burping will disappear.

Abyssinian kittens

Proper nutrition of kittens is the key to good health and growth

How to feed a cat and an Abyssinian cat

The sex of an Abyssinian cat alone does not affect diet features. However, if we are talking about a male, then special attention is paid to the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in food. The fact is that cats are more often than cats prone to diseases of the genitourinary systems (chronic renal failure, urolithiasis etc.).

Diet for an Abyssinian cat with obesity

Abyssinian cats have such a “sinner” as a tendency to overeating. This is partly due to the structure of the jaws and swallowing quickly. If the cat owner missed that moment, and If the cat is already overweight, then you need to review its menu. Portions You can not reduce, but you have to fight with calorie content (although sometimes portions are reduced). To owners of cats eating ready-made feed, easier – they can change the feed on the recommendation low-calorie veterinarian. And if the abyssine is fed natural food, then you have to develop a new diet menu products.

Diet for a cat allergic

Everything is quite simple here. If the Abyssinian cat an allergic reaction to a product has begun, it’s just need to be excluded from the diet. Determine Intolerance a specific product is possible only in fact.

Once I really wanted to get a cat of this breed. Even a trip to the breeders happened. But in the nursery to me said that Abyssinians are prone to all sorts of allergies, including including food. This cat may itch from allergies begins to comb itself to the blood, hard-healing sores will appear etc. Having weighed all the pros and cons, I refused.

Selection of a nutritional scheme during pregnancy and lactation

A pregnant abyssine, like any cat in position, you need a menu with increased nutritional value. Feed pregnant and lactating abyssinians up to 5 times a day, but small and high-calorie servings. In addition, the diet should contain a large the amount of vitamins and minerals.

Some veterinarians recommend feeding pregnant women and lactating cats meat, even if they eat industrial food. For future feeding, you need to include more dairy products. In some cases, a decoction of raspberry leaves (promotes favorable bearing offspring) and scalded nettle leaves. True, not every cat will eat grass.

There are special feeds for pregnant and lactating cats, which provide the right balance of all necessary substances.

The diet of castrated and sterilized cats

Castrated / sterilized cats run the risk of getting sick genitourinary system. To avoid this, you need to provide diet with a minimum content of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It is recommended to completely exclude fish from the cat menu. Some castrated Abyssinians alter eating behavior after castration. Especially often this happens in cats eating dry food. AT In such cases, you can change the feed to wet. Also vet can prescribe the necessary vitamins or sex hormones.

Many of my friends have castrated cats. After surgery they become lazy, lose their playfulness, stop be interested in toys, etc. Because of this, they often gain excess weight. Therefore, veterinarians recommend low-calorie food. And you can also reduce the amount of servings by increasing them multiplicity.

Abyssinian cat and kitten

Calorie recommended for pregnant and lactating abyssinas nutrition, and castrates and sterilized cats – low-calorie

Abyssinian cats banned foods

Abyssinian cats should not be fed the following foods:

  • raw duck, goose, lamb and pork (can lead to infection by worms, and also this is fatty and poorly digestible meat);
  • whole milk – for adult cats (adults do not digest lactose);
  • oily and spicy (leads to serious malfunctions GIT);
  • river fish (there is a risk of infection with worms, in addition, in it a lot of small bones – it is traumatic);
  • sweet (Abyssinian cats have a tendency to caries, and also sweets can lead to diabetes or allergies);
  • large bones, including tubular chicken bones (traumatic)
  • butter (too high fat content);
  • acute (leads to disruptions in the digestive tract, may cause gastritis and other diseases);
  • chocolate (strictly forbidden – leads to poisoning, increases blood sugar, leads to obesity);
  • salty (salt is not absorbed, but settles in the internal organs, for example, in the kidneys);
  • fried and smoked (leads to metabolic disorders, may cause chronic gastrointestinal problems);
  • potato (not digestible, increases sugar in blood);
  • legumes (do not digest, lead to swelling, disorders stomach, etc.);
  • medicines for people (can lead to poisoning and even death).

Products that are forbidden to cats

Abyssinian cats cannot be fed fat, sweet, spicy and salty

Which feeds are best used according to age

Abyssinian cats are recommended to feed high quality feed not lower than premium. Some manufacturers produce suitable food for these cats – separately for adult cats and kittens.

Industrial feed for Abyssinian cats

Adult abyssinians can choose a diet from the assortment following brands:

  • Royal canin exigent or Royal Canin Siamese Adult (dry and wet);
  • Hills ideal balance (dry and wet);
  • dry food Acana Wild Prairie cat 37/20 and Josera Minette;
  • canned food: Lechat, Bozita , Wellkiss , etc.

Options for ready meals for Abyssinian kittens:

  • Royal Canin Babycat and ProPlan Kitten (dry);
  • Pronature Original Classic Recipe (dry);
  • Gina elite kitten uk (dry);
  • Iams Kitten&Junior (сухой и влажный);
  • canned food: Leonardo kitten , Almo Nature Legend, etc.

Table: characteristics of finished feed for Abyssinian cats

Age Feed type Title Protein source Guaranteed Performance Price
Kittens Dry Farmina N&D Cat Chicken & Pomegranate
  • fresh chicken meat;
  • dried chicken meat;
  • dried whole eggs;
  • fresh fish;
  • dried herring.
  • protein – 44.00%;
  • fat – 20.00%;
  • fiber – 1.80%;
  • crude ash – 8.50%;
  • calcium – 1.50%;
  • phosphorus – 1.30%;
  • magnesium 0.09%.
From 410 rubles (300 g)
Gina Elite Kitten UK
  • poultry meat;
  • white fish fillet;
  • hydrolysates;
  • egg powder.
  • protein – 30%;
  • fat – 18%;
  • fiber – 2%;
  • ash – 7.5%;
  • calcium – 1.8%;
  • phosphorus – 1.1%.
From 855 rubles (1 kg)
Wet Iams Kitten&Junior
  • meat and offal of chicken;
  • meat and offal of pork.
  • protein – 9%;
  • fat – 5%;
  • fiber – 1%;
  • ash – 2.5%;
  • calcium – 0.3%.
From 80 rubles (spider)
Leonardo Kitten
  • meat and meat offal;
  • broth;
  • eggs and egg products.
  • protein – 10%;
  • fat – 5%;
  • fiber – 0.3%;
  • ash – 2%.
From 150 rubles (bank)
Adult cats Dry and wet Hills Ideal Balance
  • meat and bone meal;
  • potato starch;
  • yellow peas;
  • protein hydrolyzate.
  • protein – 9.3%;
  • fat – 4.5%;
  • fiber – 0.8%;
  • ash – 1.8%;
  • calcium – 0.24%;
  • phosphorus – 0.19%.
From 66 rubles (spider)
Royal Canin Exigent
  • plant protein isolate;
  • dried proteins of animal origin.
  • protein – 33%;
  • fat – 16%;
  • fiber – 3.1%;
  • minerals – 7.2%.
From 300 rubles (400 g)
  • chicken meat (including fresh);
  • baking and corn flour;
  • meat meal, chicken stock;
  • corn gluten, dry fish;
  • egg powder.
  • protein – 32%;
  • fat – 14%;
  • fiber – 3.7%;
  • calcium – 1.1%;
  • phosphorus – 0.9%.
From 300 rubles (400 g)
Wet Wellkiss
  • meat and offal;
  • hydrolysates;
  • vegetable protein extracts.
  • protein – 8%;
  • fats – 3.5%;
  • ash – 2%;
  • fiber – 0.5%.
From 40 rubles (100 g)

Photo gallery: Abyssinian cat food

Wellkiss for cats with chicken and rabbit
Wellkiss feed recipes contain more than 30% protein, which provides normal development and reproductive function cats
Hill's SP 0.4kg Adult Lamb
Hill’s feeds are often recommended by veterinarians and are easy to find at every city
Bozita food
Bozita cat food is produced in Sweden, where, as it is known that the requirements for manufacturing this kind are rather high production
Canned Leonardo
Cat food “Leonardo” are attractive for Made in Germany label on bright packaging
Gina Elite Adult Cat Chicken & Rice
Gina has feed and super premium class, and higher quality distinguishes Gina Elite
Canned Royal Canin
Royal Canin is one of the most popular cat brands feed in Russia
Canned Wellkiss for adult cats
Wellkiss diets include amino acids and taurine to support heart function, nervous system and vision
Canned food Almo Nature for cats
Almo Nature (Almo Natur) is the first company to start use completely natural products for cats and dogs
Pronature Holistic food for cats
Dry food for cats Pronature Holistic (“Passion Holistic”) manufactured in Canada at the PLB International factory Inc
Hill`s For kittens with tuna (Kitten Tuna)
Hill’s Cat Foods are Premium and Super Premium classes

Natural nutrition of Abyssinian cats

Natural food for Abyssinian cats needs to be prepared from the following permitted products:

  • chicken meat (can be given daily, preliminarily clear of bones);
  • beef (need to be thawed, boiled or doused boiling water – at least up to 4 times a week);
  • offal of beef, chicken or turkey (heart, liver, kidneys etc. – up to 3 times a week);
  • sea or ocean fish (1-2 times a week, in boiled form, without bones);
  • dairy products (possible daily: kefir, low-fat cheese, unsweetened yogurt, etc.);
  • low-fat cottage cheese (for kittens – up to 4 times, for adult cats – up to 2 times in Week);
  • boiled yolk (up to 2 times a week);
  • porridge with milk from rice, semolina or oats (kittens up to 3 months);
  • cereals: oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, etc. (can be given up to 5 times per week as a side dish for meat);
  • vegetables and fruits (zucchini, pumpkin, greens, cabbage, carrots, apples, cucumbers, etc.).

Sometimes cat owners overdo it with serving sizes, as it seems to them that the cat is not full. For such cases, there is one more the solution is a special cat grass. I grow such weed on windowsill. Seeds are sold at any pet store. It’s not only diet food, but also a source of plant fiber, which helps to improve intestinal motility. In addition, grass – it’s also a toothbrush.

The owners are not sure that the cat menu is made up correctly, you can seek advice from a veterinarian. A nutritionist can even make an approximate diet.

Allowed Products for Abyssinian Cats

The main product in the cat’s diet should be meat, and vegetables, cereals and vegetables will make a side dish

Is it necessary to add vitamins to the diet

It is believed that if a cat eats industrial feeds, then she does not need vitamin supplements, as the feed already combines all you need.

Particular attention to vitamins, minerals and amino acids is needed to give if the abyssinian eats natural food. Of course, the cat will get most of the nutrients from vegetables and meat, but sometimes it’s not enough.

A familiar vet told me that some owners add ready-made feed to homemade food, considering it compensates for the lack of vitamins. They refer to the fact that in cats don’t eat fodder, they need raw meat, but it is not so. In nature, animals choose the food that meets their requirements. And cats living at home cannot choose – they have to eat what they are offered. Mixing different types feed can lead to improper balance. That’s why only one diet should be followed.

If you decide that you still need a vitamin supplement, then you can select it in the catalogs of feed manufacturers. Veterinarian can recommend Gimpet Baby Tabs, goodies with vitamins from Beaphar, Canina Cat Mineral Tabs, Royal Canin Special Supplements and etc.

Vitamin and mineral supplements for cats

Assign a proper vitamin-mineral complex to a cat veterinarian

Opinions of experts and reviews of owners of Abyssinian cats

The problems started in the first week – the smell of a hard chair It was simply unreal, the chair was unformed. Called the vet – said urgently change feed – breeders fed royal canine (After reading on the Internet about this muck, we ourselves dreamed of changing it). They started giving Bosch – it got even worse – canceled. Fed 3 days of the Republic of Kazakhstan gastrointensinal – it seems to be better. Ran to pet store – look for another food, in the vet department of Beethoven I got a doctor said that RK should be fed with gastrointensinal for at least 2 weeks, so that everything works out. It did so. 2 weeks passed, like everything became normal. But the coat became dull, the bad breath went. I decided that the kitten still needs vitamins and normal food – the doctor advised to take Akana. Introduced gradually, as expected, on 4 day again stink, incomprehensible chair …

Tufelka5, user forum


I feed my cat only with specialized dry food. I AM I immediately decided that the breed is rare and capricious, I need food with all trace elements. I also give my cat vitamins and top dressing. The cat is healthy and playful.

Filonka, forum user


Lati eats meat almost exclusively. But I’m fooling him: I cook vegetables on meat broth, grind them in a blender and mix with meat, wants, does not want, but eats. But sometimes he turns into a real rodent. I settled on feeding kittens with natural products. Maybe not so many pros feeding in kind, how many “against” feeding by drying. But the choice not even I did, but my cat, and this became decisive for me. BUT a meat-cutting shop also appears regularly in my kitchen. True, I’m afraid of feeding tubular bones and give them only soft bones – chicken necks, tails and ribs (but not leg bones and wings).

Abyssinian cat, forum user


Abyssinian cats, like any others, need the right nutrition. You can choose a ready-made feed of a class not lower than premium or natural food made from fresh and high-quality products. The main requirement in any case is the right balance. nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In some cases may require vitamin and mineral complexes.

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