About the Shih Tzu Dog Breed

Shih Tzu – an ancient breed of dogs, which are called even small lions and chinese chrysanthemums. They are amazingly beautiful and possess high intelligence. Luxurious appearance, hardness character and awareness of one’s own greatness are given in shih tzu royal, or rather, imperial persons of the canine world.


  • 1 History of breed origin
  • 2 Description and standard of breed
  • 3 Character
  • 4 Pros and Cons of Breed
  • 5 Care and maintenance
    • 5.1 Shih Tzu Nutrition
    • 5.2 Grooming
      • 5.2.1 Hair Care and Haircuts
      • 5.2.2 How to wash
      • 5.2.3 Ear Care
      • 5.2.4 Eye Care
      • 5.2.5 Dental care
      • 5.2.6 Foot Care
    • 5.3 Education and training
      • 5.3.1 How to accustom to the tray
      • 5.3.2 How to wean biting
      • 5.3.3 How to teach teams
    • 5.4 Diseases and how to treat them
      • 5.4.1 What vaccinations to put
    • 5.5 life span
  • 6 Breeding
    • 6.1 At what age do they knit
    • 6.2 Caring for puppies
  • 7 What to name a dog
    • 7.1 Nicknames for girls
    • 7.2 How to name a boy
  • 8 Reviews Shih Tzu Owners

History of breed origin

According to one version, Tibet is considered the birthplace of the breed. Exists the story that in the middle of the seventeenth century the Dalai Lama made to the Chinese emperor an offering in the form of dogs of rare beauty. The ruler of the Celestial Empire appreciated this – the animals produced on him indelible impression. “Gift” settled in the imperial the palace, and the breed was called Shih Tzu and declared the property of the ruling families. This meant that none of the mortals had the right to receive a wonderful dog differently from the will or from the hands of emperor. Those who dare to break the sacred rule were threatened the death penalty.

Shih Tzu with long hair

Shih Tzu exhibits have imperial greatness

According to another version, Shih Tzu is a European dog, since in Tibet was brought in from the Byzantine Empire in the first half of the 7th century. To Europe the breed returned in the 30s of the last century along with the Norwegian Ambassador in China, who was lucky to receive as a gift dear puppy. With great difficulty, the diplomat managed to acquire two more animals. Upon returning to Norway, he seriously took up breeding shih tzu.

The first pedigree club was formed in the UK in 1933, and the first version of the standard was developed and described only for 15 years later. There are various hypotheses about the ancestors chrysanthemum dogs. According to one of them, animals with characteristics of shih tzu appeared as a result of crossing Pekingese and representatives of the breed Lhasa Apso. On today the origin of the Chinese mini-lion is not exactly established, however, that the breed appeared a very long time ago, not is doubtful.

Description and breed standard

Shih Tzu – a small dog with even hair, length which exceeds the size of the body of the animal. Undercoat well developed, and its bunch on the head resembles a flower chrysanthemums.

The parameters of the correct physique of the dog are as follows:

  • height at the withers 25–28 cm, adult weight 4.5–8 kg;
  • torso of rectangular shape, strong build. The back is straight the muscles of croup are well developed;
  • rounded head, eyes wide, color which depends on the color of the coat. Stand out on a square face magnificent mustache and beard. The ears are wide, drooping;
  • tail, thickly covered with hair, set high and wrapped to back
  • paws are short, strong and strong;
  • bite – a direct or dense snack.

American breeders seek dogs with shorter body and high legs, priority is getting dogs show class. They are elegant, tall on their feet, have pronounced angles and long necks.

The breed standard allows for a variety of coat colors, among which:

  • white combined with red, gold, black and shades blue;
  • black and tan;
  • cream;
  • Gray;
  • brown;
  • blue and even brindle.

Appearance of Shih Tzu

The color of the coat can be white with shades of black

It is noteworthy that chrysanthemums do not fade, but lose their hair only in combing time.


Those who meet Shih Tzu for the first time will be surprised by the character, mannered dog behavior. She demonstrates theatrical arrogance and distrust of strangers, and the owners in every possible way show their love and affection.

Indifference towards a dog’s own person worries hard. Chrysanthemum loves to be in the center attention. However, in the pursuit of a minute of fame, it is unlikely to allow yourself to cross the rules of decency and become intrusive. When the master busy, the dog is ready to wait a long time, but such mercy is due certainly reward with a treat, fun games, or at least friendly stroking – Shih Tzu loves to sit on the master knees.

According to statistics, many people choose Shih Tzu as pet.

Chrysanthemum loves itself very much and owners will have to respect dog narcissism. In this case, the animal is attached to people, equally adoring all family members. With proper upbringing, the Chinese mini lion will grow up to be an excellent companion with an even and complaisant character. In return, he will demand love and respect for himself.

Shih Tzu in bed

Dogs of this breed love to sleep in master’s beds.

Shih Tzu is quietly adjacent to other animals, agreeing even the presence of cats in the house. But for children wary, as he does not tolerate a careless attitude towards to myself. In this case, the dog will never offend the child, if he Doesn’t scare or hurt her. Still, it’s worth a good thought before starting a Chinese mini-lion in a family where there is kids.

Shih Tzu is extremely cheerful and inquisitive in puppyhood. FROM apathy and laziness appear with age, the dog becomes calm and imposing, which can be seen as an advantage when the owners of the dog are the elderly. In this case, chrysanthemum does not can not be called boring. She perfectly feels a person’s mood and always ready to give him a bouquet of joy and positive.

For those who dream of a furry guard, Shih Tzu is not suitable, because she is a dog for the soul.

Pros and cons of the breed

The advantages of the breed include:

  • unusual exterior and compact size of the animal;
  • the opportunity to dress up the dog and do her hairstyles;

Shih Tzu with different hairstyles

Hairstyles can be done independently or in a grooming salon

  • moderate temperament and high cleanliness;
  • complaisant disposition, with a touch of worldly wisdom;
  • learning ability and training skills.

The disadvantages of Shih Tzu canine experts consider:

  • lack of security;
  • genetically determined health problems;
  • tendency to severe longing in solitude.

As for the owners and breeders of Shih Tzu, they are unanimous consider this breed of dog the best in the world.

Care and maintenance

Chinese chrysanthemums are decorative dogs that are not cared for is of great difficulty. They are fine themselves feel both in a house with a garden, and in a modest urban apartment. It is important that Shih Tzu has its own place with soft bedding and a walking area not far from houses.

Shih Tzu Food

One of the features of the breed is its predisposition to fullness. Given this, care should be taken to ensure that food The pet was balanced and not too high in calories. The ideal solution is premium feed for small dogs, and from individual manufacturers you can buy compositions, taking into account the features of the breed.

Those who prefer to feed the natural Chinese lion products, it is important to know:

  • he should not be given food from the table. Firstly, not all human food is allowed to the animal, and secondly, it can lead to the fact that the dog will be moody in food;
  • 60–70% ration should consist of meat – boiled, but although occasionally should be given raw, which previously frozen in the refrigerator to eliminate the risk of infection intestinal worms. Chinese chrysanthemum is best fed with beef and offal, as well as rabbit meat and turkey. Chicken Can cause allergies;
  • boiled sea fish cleaned of bones is useful for the dog;
  • fresh milk for adults is not desirable, but dairy products, including cottage cheese, should be in the diet required;
  • You should definitely cook porridge from rice, buckwheat, oatmeal on base of broth with pieces of meat. Barley is digested badly.

As for vegetables, they are given raw and boiled, excluding those which have a sharp taste and smell (onion, garlic, radish and radish), and also avocados. Fresh herbs in the form of dill and parsley are recommended add to cereal. Fruits for Shih Tzu are good except grapes and raisins, which can provoke renal impairment.

A useful addition to the menu will be meat and bone meal, as well as fish fat and seaweed.


In the process of keeping the mini-lion, a number of important moments.

Hair Care & Haircut

Beautiful wool is a Shih Tzu calling card. So that the dog doesn’t collected dust from the ground, strands must be cut periodically from below, as well as daily comb comb and metal with a brush. You can not allow dandruff and tartans, so that you do not have to fight them, and if they appear, a slitter will help.

The Shih Tzu breed standard provides for long hair, therefore, exhibition animals are not accepted to cut. But for pet dogs there are model haircuts that make it easier care for them, and also provide an opportunity to change the image of the Chinese chrysanthemums.

Hair Care

With long hair, top notes are required, otherwise your pet there will be eye problems

A top knot is an original hairstyle resembling a bun, decorated with a bow on an elastic band or an elastic band.

Not every owner has time to visit the grooming salon with pet, so many shear dogs on their own. If available skills, do it easy. Beauty is induced after bathing and combing. The simplest and most popular onion is a haircut that gives a Chinese mini-lion a touching look puppy. To do this, shorten the hair so that throughout she was the same body length.

Sometimes the American standard is taken as the basis when the back the midline of the sides is cut to a moire pattern. Paws can leave fluffy, denoting only the contours. As a result, the dog is similar to shaggy teddy bear. Haircut machine, in the direction from the tail.

Shih Tzu with short hair

If you purchased Shih Tzu “for yourself”, then care for it will require much less effort than with an exhibit

How to wash

Wash the mini-lion in warm water (40 ° C) using shampoos for grooming. On the eve of animal hair is necessary comb, and at the end of the bathing procedure, dry and bring to order with a comb. Dark streaks under the eyes are removed swab dipped in lemon juice or aqueous boric solution acids.

Ear care

An important point is the plucking of the hairs from the auditory passes, which is required twice a month. This will save the pet from accumulations of small debris, which means from inflammation in the ears. Region treatment before and after wiped with pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide.

Eye care

The eyes of small dogs are constantly affected by hair and dust. If a they become inflamed or start to fester, they are washed with a weak solution boric acid and instilled with special eye drops. Important take care of the vegetation on the head. So that the wool does not climb into eyes and did not interfere with the pet, it is collected in a tall “tail”.

Dental care

Shih Tzu has a tendency to form hard dental a raid that is removed only by a veterinarian. As a prophylaxis it is recommended to occasionally add tomatoes to the animal’s diet.

Paw care

It consists in periodically cutting hair on the fingers and clipping claws. After each walk, the paws should be inspected. for scratches and cuts.

Proper care of Shih Tzu will make it possible to fully enjoy the incredible breed beauty of this animal, as well as will protect the dog from many health problems.

Parenting and training

Chinese mini-lion needs training and education, otherwise the dog runs the risk of becoming a wayward bully. To train a puppy to good manners you need from the first days of appearing in the house.

How to teach a tray

One of the key points is adaptation to the toilet in at home, because you can’t walk the baby before vaccination. IN as a latrine you can use:

  • newspapers or diapers on the floor;
  • tray.

Shih Tzu and the pot

Shit-zu are very neat and easily accustomed to the tray

The second option is preferable, since it is more hygienic. Per plastic “pot” is easier to care for, and the risk of stepping on pet excrement in this case is reduced to zero. Process dog getting used to the toilet is phased and requires patience from the owner.

  1. It is necessary to fence off the puppy’s habitat, placing it there a bench, and a little further – a tray. The first time the floor will have to free from carpets and cover with newspapers.
  2. The need for urination and bowel movements occurs in dogs after eating, playing games and sleeping. The dog will begin to sniff around choosing a place. At this point, it should be carefully placed in a tray where he could do his thing. Stroking a puppy prompting him to sit down and relieve himself. So as not to to miss the “moment”, you should always keep the baby in the field view.
  3. In the absence of control, he will likely prefer to go to a newspaper. It will help to quickly accustom to the tray, if put there a piece soaked in a pet. The floor should be washed clean so as not to smell left.
  4. “Fragrances” from the tray will help the baby to navigate where it stands “squat” once again. Over time, the dog will get used to his pot, and the owner will reduce the trouble.

How to wean biting

When raising a puppy, it is important to wean him from biting for no reason. Can try to do this, in a special way reacting to behavior pet. Typically, a dog grabs a person’s hands while games. To stop this, you should abruptly stop fussing with her:

  • first – after sensitive bites;
  • then after medium;
  • in the future – after any attempts to bite your teeth.

How it works? Very simple. Game for the animal – pleasure. As a result of his improper action, she abruptly ceases. The dog will quickly begin to understand why this is happening. It is impossible to wean from a bad habit right away, which is why first he must stop biting the master hard, then weakly, and in the end – completely.

How to teach teams

The next important point in raising a pet is learning simple commands like “place”, “to me”, “not.” Shih Tzu is smart and smart dog, with a good memory. Her problem could be stubborn and proud character, as well as hypertrophied feeling self worth. It has already been said that chrysanthemums on the spirit does not tolerate rudeness and pressure in its direction. Cutting the host’s tone and angry shout may cause the animal offended, closes in and refuses to perform teams.

With the right approach, you can teach Shih Tzu even simple tricks. However, rely on the fact that the dog will perform them according to the first whistle and demonstrate absolute submission, not worth it.

The secret to successful breeding of dogs of this breed is:

  • understanding of the physiology and character characteristics of the pet;
  • patience and perseverance of the owner, as well as the ability to achieve his without rudeness and aggression.

Raising and teaching Chinese chrysanthemum should start with early age, and it’s better to do it with the support of a dog handler, well knowing the breed.

Diseases and how to treat them

Shih Tzu dogs are predisposed to a number of pathologies. One of characteristic is the loss of eyeballs. This is due to anatomical features of the head, eyeballs fall out can:

  • after mechanical injuries of the head and neck;
  • raising the dog by the scruff of the neck;
  • squeezing the cervical zone.

The eyes of the animal become bulging, and their proteins become red. To avoid complications, the dog must be urgently shown to the vet. Signs of many diseases are emerging lethargy, drowsiness and poor appetite.

Proptosis in Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu naturally has shallow eye orbits, but when they underdeveloped, the risk of eye loss increases significantly

Proptosis – prolapse of the eyeball in dogs. At risk there are small dogs with a rounded skull and all four-legged dogs with shortened or upturned muzzle.

Other health problems include:

  • food allergies and skin problems;
  • urinary system dysfunction;
  • congenital heart abnormalities;
  • breathing problems – chronic respiratory syndrome failure;
  • predisposition to abdominal hernia and dislocation of the knee cups;
  • other problems.

Having such risks, the dog is able to live happily ever after, if the owner is attentive to her health, nutrition and content.

What vaccinations to put

In this context, timely and complete vaccination:

  • from plague and parainfluenza;
  • rabies and leptospirosis;
  • parovirus enteritis;
  • Lyme disease.

Vaccinations are set in courses:

  • first time at the age of 8–9 weeks;
  • the second – in 2-3 months;
  • further – annually.

For more information on the characteristics of Shih Tzu vaccination, see Veterinary clinic at the place of residence.

Life span

Chrysanthemum dogs are considered centenarians. With proper care for shih tzu, their life expectancy can reach the age of 20 years old.


For breeding use sexually mature animals whose pedigree is documented by the pedigree. In this In this case, the offspring will be considered representatives of the Shih Tzu breed.

At what age do they knit

The optimal period for the dog to endure and give birth to puppies, it is considered the age of the bitch from one and a half to seven years. In order for conception to happen, it is necessary to organize mating in the period of ovulation that occurs at the end of estrus. Unmistakably him help determine the test strips used to detect sugar in urine in diabetics. A strip is introduced for a minute into the dog’s vagina. If the color turns green, you can bring dogs.

Puppy care

In the first three weeks, a bitch takes care of newborn puppies herself. The owner should take good care of the dog during this period, and also ensure that puppies have access to the nipples and receive the right amount of milk.

It is advisable that the mother feed the babies as long as possible. Till they have enough food, lure is not needed. To determine this, babies weighed every day. As soon as the gain stops, it’s time to introduce lure. It starts with cow’s milk and chicken eggs, and with 20 days of age continue with liquid milk porridges.

Shih Tzu mother and Shih Tzu puppy

The choice of shih tzu is a responsible matter, sometimes it seems that not a man chooses a dog for himself, and a dog chooses a master for himself

Gradually, ground beef and vegetable soups are added to the menu. By at the age of one month, food is flavored vitamin and mineral supplements.

All this time it is important to monitor the digestion of babies – they should periodically emptied with yellow feces. If a one of the puppies beeps for a long time, maybe he has stomach problems or constipation, and massage is required. Usually chrysanthemum milf she monitors this and takes measures, but the owner should keep the situation is under control.

At the age of one and a half months, puppies have teeth. it means that they are ready to undergo inspection (actuation) by experts, to get puppy metrics. After two months young chrysanthemums are ready to move to new to the owners. If you decide to keep the puppies at home, do not forget that they should have their own place where they can sleep. The rate of tooth change is 4-6 months.

How to name a dog

It is advisable to choose a short and easy-to-pronounce nickname.

Nicknames for girls

For chrysanthemum young ladies, names such as:

  • Jess, Hanni or Fanny;
  • Bonya, Sunny, Darcy or Kelly;
  • Zosia, Esia or Betty.

How to name a boy

A little Chinese lion cub can be nicknamed:

  • Fry, Simon or Bush;
  • Barney, Alex or Sky;
  • Ball, Fluff or Funtik.

Reviews of owners of Shih Tzu

Pros – the dog is clean, well trained in this regard (mine, for example, sometimes it remains alone during the day, I’ll lay a special diaper for her – for what she understood the first time), it does not take long walk. Despite its modest size, Shih Tzu is very sturdy and good. physically developed. This is not a pocket option. This is especially noticeable when you wet it – it resembles a good bulldog in complexion, only in long hair and a neck with a head softer. Very affectionate very fond of hosts and especially children, likes to play actively. By virtue of The friendliness gets along with other animals. Ours, for example, gets along well with a rabbit and enjoys visiting two ferrets. No problem


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This is truly a true friend for our entire family. When we decided to start shih tzu, I was very worried if we could handle it. Earlier we never had a dog, plus a small child. It turned out all my fears were in vain. Bonya is considerate and understanding, not in vain barks, behaves very carefully with the child. Constantly located next to him. It seems that I now have two children. Because you have to care for her no less than for your son.



I would like to warn everyone who decided to start Shih Tzu: on combing, cutting, knitting ponytails will take a lot time. But for those who love their dog, it will become pleasure. How nice it is then to walk around the city with well-groomed a pet that everyone pays attention to!



Shih Tzu dogs are amazing animals, smart, beautiful, with exotic appearance and special character. They are able to become loyal friends and companions. With good care and responsible Chinese chrysanthemum dog will be long years to live in a family and will certainly become her precious a pearl.

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