A resident of Dushanbe finds, treats and attaches stray cats

The main motto of Hanifa Baratova from Dushanbe is to help not only to their own, but also to other people’s pets. It is for this reason that the woman discovered a shelter for homeless animals, in which 25 cats already live.

The other day, Hanifa brought a cat with kittens. The woman left them at yourself. Kittens can already look for new owners. For 10 years of work in the shelter, the activist attached more than 500 moustached.

According to her, she decided to volunteer because homeless animals wandering around the city. Hanifa themes thereby contributing his little help to a great cause. By example volunteer inspires many.

So, among the regular volunteers there is also a veterinarian, which for 15 years has been saving wards from the Hanifa shelter. He treats for free by vaccinating and sterilizing stray dogs and cats.

Everyone can take a pet home, but you must go interview with Hanifa herself. The main thing is that a woman believes in sincere intentions to take the animal to the family.

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