A home alligator has become a zoologist: video

A lone retiree from Pennsylvania (USA) made an unusual pet – an exhausted alligator cub found in Orlando. Joey Henny went out and raised Wally, who became his personal a zootherapist.

Now the length of the crocodile is one and a half meters, it is affectionate like a cat, faithful like a dog, and never bites. Him 65-year-old owner claims that talking with Wally helps him get rid of bouts of depression. The doctor of the pensioner does not mind: if that helps, then why not?

Henny with the Alligator

Four-year alligator received the status of “animal support “, which in the USA is usually assigned to dogs. Wally feels when his master is ill and comes to caress. “It really works, it makes me feel better,” says Henny

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