A giant cat with a huge heart

Employees of the American shelter Morris Animal Refuge claim: their largest pet is endowed with not only gigantic dimensions, but also with a great kind heart. Therefore, for him they are looking only for the best the hosts.

Outbred and homeless tabby cat name is BJ or just Mr. Bee. He is not yet two years old, but weighs a cat almost twelve kilograms. He has a wonderful character – the cat loves people very much and misses his own housework.

Cat Mr. Bee

Morris Animal Refuge Shelter for Stray Animals spoke about the fate of Mr. Bee in social networks, and immediately the first people were found take it to yourself. Gradually a whole line of potential owners – shelter staff soon they will determine who the good giant will go to live with. Those who do not lucky, it is proposed to choose another pet, smaller.

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