A dog without a leash and owner attacked a woman in Tyumen

A dog attacked a woman from Tyumen, who ran up behind and clutched at the foot. The animal managed to damage the limb.

The incident occurred on October 21 in the daytime. Dog attacked the woman from behind and clutched her leg, tearing a piece flesh.

An ambulance was called for the victim. Doctors qualified damage caused as a “minor limb injury”. Laceration sewn up and bandaged, a woman was vaccinated against tetanus and rabies. At the moment, the victim is on an outpatient basis. treatment.

Residents of the area of ​​old Zareki have repeatedly watched this dog attacked people. She has a collar and she is not a stray. Mistress animal neglected the upbringing of her pet, letting go his free range without a leash.

A statement to the owner of the dog has not yet been received by the police.

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