A dog with a difficult fate and unusual appearance gained owners and popularity

Once the former owners of Murray decided to get rid of him, leaving on the Beach of the Dead Dogs in Puerto Rico. In this unfortunate place the owners leave their useless, in their opinion, pets. There Murray caught the viral disease of Carré, or canine distemper.

Volunteers from the Sato charity found a dying puppy. Murray was lucky, since the plague in 90% of cases is a fatal disease, affecting the central nervous system of the diseased animal. Volunteers transported the dog from Puerto Rico to the United States. Veterinarians advised euthanizing a dog, but Murray is so cheerful wagged his tail that the doctors decided to give him a chance.

Dog Murray

And soon the dog was found loving owners from Massachusetts. Owners of the dog-charm became the Mackenzie Gallant family. They brought Murray their own Instagram page under a nickname murraythedisableddog, where he already has 28 thousand subscribers.

Dog Murray lies on the windowsill

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