A brave dog kicked a rowdy bear out of master’s yard (video)

While the owners were not at home, a surveillance camera recorded most curious plot. In broad daylight an uninvited man appeared in the yard the guest is a young bear, arrogant and hungry.

Similar situations are by no means uncommon in the state of New Jersey (USA), where black American bears are found in large numbers. These hooligans often climb into private possessions and arrange there pogrom. So it happened with Mark Stintiano: in his cozy courtyard a teenage bear entered, in search of food, broke a bird feeder and was set to continue.

But he was out of luck. Smelling the beast, burst into the yard the neighboring dog and barked attacked the robber – he hurried retire. Mark treated the defender to a big juicy steak and seriously thought about getting a dog too.

Video: Crime and Punishment in New Jersey

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