24-hour veterinarians in Moscow: services, addresses, phone numbers

Pet owners, like no other, know that cats and dogs, hamsters and parrots sharply fall ill precisely at night or on weekends. They get sick even on a weekday, but it’s precisely the nightly alarms for us remembered most of all. In the eyes of a pet unbearable pain, you rushing about, trying to figure out how to help. But the tips laid out on vetforums, or impossible due to lack of drugs, or do not act immediately. And you need help here and now. Ok if nearby there are round-the-clock veterinarians. Moscow is a big city and Such information will not be superfluous.

Round-the-clock veterinarians should be in every area to provide immediate assistance to your pets

Round-the-clock veterinarians should be in every area so that provide immediate assistance to your pets

Childbirth occurs in cats at night. Dogs like conspired, and do not lag behind them. After all, at night their master is always on pickup, if necessary. But giving birth is sometimes difficult you may need a cesarean section or a doctor’s supervision. To carry giving birth to a pet clinic is dangerous. That’s why there is such a service as the veterinarian’s arrival at home and at night, and in the afternoon. Need a vet clinic in which animals are taken at any time days. To this end, we have collected the maximum possible amount veterinary stations in Moscow, ready to take your pet around the clock.

Round-the-clock veterinarians will be able to come to the rescue in case of difficult childbirth of the animal

Round-the-clock veterinarians will be able to help in case difficult animal birth


  • 1 Adived
  • 2 Aibolit
  • 3 Akela
  • 4 Alice
  • 5 Apogee
  • 6 Achilles
  • 7 Bona Mente
  • 8 twins
  • 9 Belanta
  • 10 belladonna
  • 11 Biocontrol
  • 12 Vesta
  • 13 Vetkard
  • 14 Darwin
  • 15 Golden Fleece
  • 16 Zoovet
  • 17 Zoomedik.ru
  • 18 Centaur
  • 19 Clinic of Dr. Zubov
  • 20 fauna


Doctors of the clinic will diagnose, diagnose, prescribe treatment and control it.

If necessary, the animal can be left in a hospital on day to track the dynamics of the disease.

Attention: from 10 am to 11 doctors do not accept – they shift change.

Dmitrievsky St. 1 + 7 (499) 721-69-78http: //adived.ru


With modern equipment, the clinic provides a number of unique services: x-ray, ultrasound, ECG, conducting rapid analyzes. There is a hospital. Around the clock doctors provide surgical and therapeutic care, travel to home to patients.

ul.Lyusinovskaya, 53 + 7 (495) 220-38-17http: //vet-dom.ru

Some round-the-clock veterinarians offer the service of an urgent doctor’s home visit

Some round-the-clock veterinarians offer urgent service doctor’s home visit


Round-the-clock reception is conducted both within the walls of the clinic, and at housework. Therapists, surgeons work. It is carried out before and postoperative observation. There is a veterinarian specializing in rodents. Analyzes are carried out in the Chance-Bio laboratory. Doctors taken in the clinic and at home.

Veshnyakovskaya St., 12Ж + 7 (495) 370-48-00, 411-99-22http: //akelaclinic.com


Laboratory research, timely production the diagnosis. The clinic employs three teams consisting of surgeons and therapists. Assist at any time of the day and in any area Moscow. There is a 24-hour pharmacy.

st.Lobachevsky, 1008 800 555-95-13, +7 (495) 995-78-11http: //www.alisavet.ru

Round-the-clock veterinarians care about the health of your pets

Round-the-clock veterinarians care about the health of your pets


The clinic is located in Mitino. Here you can make a diagnosis diseases and get treatment recommendations. Modern medical equipment will diagnose the pet with greater probability. Surgeon assistance is available around the clock.

st.Gen. Beloborodova, 16k2 + 7 (495) 754-48-22, 720-88-89http: //apogeyvet.ru


Diagnosis and treatment, ultrasound and ECG, sampling tests. He specializes in preventive measures, believing that prevention diseases will help to avoid them. Can get qualified consultations on the selection, maintenance and care of pets. Therapeutic examination, any complexity surgical operations up to resuscitation, the veterinarian’s departure to your address. There is a pharmacy (open until 21 hours).

Dubninskaya St., 32 + 7 (495)744-58-33http: //www.ahillvet.ru

At some clinics, there are also 24-hour pharmacies.

Some clinics have 24-hour pharmacies

Bona Mente

At night, 3 specialists are on duty at the clinic: a veterinarian and assistants. it allows timely assistance, tests and vaccinations. If necessary, you can order zootaxi.

Khavskaya St., 24 + 7 (495) 958-56-26, 723-07-35, 507-35-10http: //bona-mente.ru


Since 1992, the clinic provides round-the-clock veterinary services from diagnosis to treatment. The clinic has a pharmacy for animals (up to 20 hours). An experienced medical team will not leave in your pet’s misfortune.

Green str., 22A + 7 (495)712-38-63http: //vet.vkb.su

In night clinics, you can get your pet tested and find out his diagnosis.

In night clinics, you can take tests of a pet and find out him diagnosis


Round-the-clock help of any complexity: diagnostics, vaccination, home treatment, hospital treatment, ultrasound, x-ray, operating room, sampling tests in our own laboratory. A doctor can call on the house. A pharmacy is working.

Sportnaya St., 12A + 7 (495) 580-57-93, 580-57-92http: //www.belanta.vet/


Since 1995, the clinic has been hosting pets around the clock, take tests, carry out diagnostics on modern equipment, do x-rays and operations. You can call a veterinarian on a house and buy medicine from him – it works at the clinic veterinary pharmacy.

Ryabinovaya street, 69s1 +7 (495) 440-73-36, 440-73-35 pharmacy +7 (495) 440-73-45http: //www.vetdom.ru

Your dog will be pleased with the quality of treatment

Your dog will be pleased with the quality of treatment


A full range of medical services: tests, diagnostics, consultation, treatment. Zootaxi service and veterinary work pharmacy. The cost of clinic services at night increases by two times.

Kashirskoye highway, 24с10 + 7 (495)989-11-41http: //www.biocontrol.ru


Provided services: therapy, petting salon, dentistry, surgery, hygiene procedures. On demand, leaves the house emergency veterinary care having diagnostic equipment and first aid medications. Reception is also in the clinic. The pet can be left in the hospital. There is a veterinary pharmacy.

Buzheninova street, 2 + 7 (495) 963-28-46, 963-27-20, +7 (499) 343-58-55http: //www.vesta-med.ru

Round-the-clock veterinarians are ready to help any pets

Round-the-clock veterinarians are ready to assist anyone pets


The clinic employs enthusiasts of their medical business, possessing instinct, a new approach to treatment and high professionalism. The latest equipment helps to make a more accurate diagnosis, to minimize the rehabilitation period.

Michurinsky prospekt, 7k1 + 7 (495) 943-33-10https: //new.vk.com/vetcard


The maximum volume of services: a pet salon and a hotel, Veterinary pharmacy and laboratory, clinic and pet shop. there is the hospital. All services work around the clock. If necessary the veterinarian travels to the specified address.

Leningradskoe highway, 66A + 7 (495) 452-85-52, 452-06-52http: //www.darvinvet.ru

Pet clinics also operate in some clinics.

Some clinics also have pet hotels

The Golden Fleece

The clinic provides the most comprehensive list of services: diagnostics (analyzes, X-ray, gastroscopy, ultrasound, endoscopy, ECG), treatment, in including diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Accepts general practitioner, surgeon, specialist in ophthalmology and microsurgery. The clinic issues a passport. There is a hospital and a hotel for animals.

Ryazan Avenue, 93k2 + 7 (495) 371-00-07, 972-72-69http: //www.vetruno.ru


The largest diagnostic and treatment center for veterinary care, treatment and rehabilitation in Russia.

Conducting laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasound, treatment and operations.

2nd St. Main, 16 + 7 (495) 775-94-24http: //www.zoovet.ru

In round-the-clock clinics you can do x-rays and any other types of examinations

In round-the-clock clinics you can take x-rays and any other types of examination


The clinic works without breaks, holidays and weekends. Reception and treatment is carried out around the clock. The veterinarian also accepts yourself in your office and at home in any area of Moscow.

Kolomenskaya embankment, 14A and D. Ulyanova, 4k1 + 7 (495) 233-98-05, +7 (499) 990-12-30http: //www.zoomedic.ru


Any veterinary aid is at your pet’s service: surgery and cardiology, diagnosis and sampling, vaccination and therapy. On The clinic has a veterinary pharmacy and a shop. there is surgical unit, GP rooms, treatment room, department diagnostics for X-ray, ultrasound, laboratory, office cardiologist.

Svobody St., 45 + 7 (495) 648-42-87, 493-30-08http: //www.vetkentavr.ru

Better to turn to a round-the-clock clinic than wait until the morning

Better to turn to a round-the-clock clinic than wait until the morning

Clinic of Dr. Zubov

The clinic has been operating since 2005. Services: consultations, prophylaxis, diagnostics, treatment, home visits. Accepted by highly qualified specialists. Job data there is no veterinary pharmacy or zootaxi.

Borovskoe highway, 2s4 + 7 (495)435-94-07http: //www.vetclin.ru


The clinic employs a therapist, cardiologists, traumatologists, gynecologists and obstetricians, surgeons, anesthetists, ophthalmologists, dentists and dog handlers. There is a veterinary pharmacy, a doctor may come to the house.

Lilac Boulevard, 83B + 7 (962) 979-12-11, (495) 978-35-11http: //fauna-vet.ru

Every pet owner needs to know the addresses of 24-hour clinics in the area.

Every pet owner needs to know the addresses round-the-clock veterinarian in the district

These are just some of the round-the-clock veterinary clinics, working in Moscow. There are more than 400 of them in the capital. They are located in all territorial districts of the city. In the future we will continue their description.

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