20 interesting facts about cats

For many millennia, fluffy, cute people live next to people, affectionate and predatory animals – cats. But still a lot about them we are not know. Here is a selection of interesting facts about these furry creatures.

The first domestic cats appeared in the Middle East for 9,500 years. back.

Libyan cat

When a person needs to be identified, fingerprints are taken fingers. In cats, the nose has a unique imprint, its pattern individual for each cat.


If a cat rubs on a person’s legs and objects nearby, and even with purrs this, it’s not just affection, so cats mark their territory.

cat rubs against the wallThe cat rubs on legs

A cat’s nose is not the only organ of smell. In the cat’s mouth there is a Jacobson tube (on the upper palate behind the front teeth). When a cat needs to focus on one of the smells, it opens his mouth and, breathing in, raises his upper lip.

cat sniffingcat sniffingJacobson’s

Do not feed cats with cow’s milk, because most cats are lactose intolerant.

cat and milkcat lap

Cats see perfectly at dusk, but in complete darkness, despite popular belief, they do not see anything.

More on how they see cats: https: //kot-pes.com/kak-vidyat-koshki/

cat at duskcat in the dark

The cat’s nose, in addition to capturing odors, also measures ambient temperature. That’s why if the room cool, the cat covers his nose with his paw.

cat covers his nose with his paw

The cat licks itself so carefully to remove everything from itself extraneous odors. Then the victim will not be able to smell hiding predator.

cat is washing

If the cat does not bury its feces, this can be regarded as manifestation of aggression to the owner. In this way, she demonstrates that not afraid of anything.

cat in a tray

The oldest cat breed is Mau.

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A cat’s mustache (or scientifically – vibrissa) cannot be cut or delete, it’s her sense organs that perform a tactile function, they help the cat navigate in space.

Why should a cat have a mustache? articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/zachem-koshke-usyi/


The cat has 12 pairs of mustaches.

12 pairs of mustache12 pairs of mustache

The heart beats with a frequency of about 140 beats per minute.

cat and heartcat and heartcatscats

Cats are able to publish about 100 unlike each other sounds, for comparison: dogs make only 10 kinds of sounds.

kitten meowskitten meows

Cats never meow to other cats, they draw this sound only to man. In communication with their relatives they use hissing, purring, rumbling.

cat is talkingcat is talking

Cats don’t taste sweet, so they don’t like candy.

cat and lollipopcat and lollipopkitten with chocolatekitten with chocolate

Cats have farsightedness, so in the distance they see perfectly, but poorly distinguish close objects. But the viewing angle is 180 degrees, those. they see not only in front of themselves, but also simultaneously from two parties.


Cats have sweat glands only on the fingertips.


Cats can drink sea water, because their kidneys are capable of filter out the salt.

kitten and waterkitten and watercat drinks watercat drinks water

The most popular breeds are Persian, Siamese cats, mei-kuns.

Persian catPersian catSiameseSiamesemei-kunmei-kun

Perhaps someone reading this post will take a fresh look at his purring friend.

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