11 lions killed in Indian reserve

Rangers found dead in Gujarat State Indian Reserve under strange circumstances, 11 Asian lions. About it informed the BBC channel.

Between September 11 and 19 in the Girsk State Reserve Gujarat 9 dead predators were found, among which were cubs.

According to the head of the reserve Ganpat Vasava, 2 out of 11 could die in a fight over territory, and the rest – due to pulmonary and hepatic infections. However, his colleague Rajiv Gupta has another version: 9 predators died in the struggle for territory, and about the cause of death of the remaining is not yet known.

National Wildlife Conservation Authority provided an initial report. The document states that the main the cause of the death of big cats was an infection received in the result of the struggle for territorial possessions. Biologists have already taken tissue samples of dead lions for research at the institute virology.

Experts from all over the country gathered in Gujarat to find out the reasons for the mysterious death of rare lions.

Asian lion

Giri Nature Reserve, Gujarat, India

A distinctive feature of Asian lions (or Indian) is their squat body and lack of thick mane. In the reserve of India 523 individuals of this species have been preserved.

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