10 common myths about cats

Cats are the most popular pets in Russia and in the world in general. These are smart, affectionate and mysterious creatures. Despite such popularity, there are still many misconceptions about these animals.

10 main misconceptions about cats:

Cats are single animals, they like to be alone. it not true. Moreover, if the cat is left alone for a long time, it can entail stress, sometimes in quite severe form. Animal behavior can dramatically change, involuntary bowel movements and urination are possible, vomiting, lack of appetite, anxiety. If so, that’s it if it happened, then everything must be done to normalize the state animal. It needs to be distracted by games and endowed with attention. It’s better, Of course, seek the advice of a veterinarian. FROM Using the cat tray always causes problems. it not true. If your cat does not go to the toilet in the tray, then it is more likely total medical problem, which, in turn, can be caused by stress. That’s why it’s best to turn to to the vet. Once you determine the reason the cat isn’t goes to the tray, it can be quickly solved. Most often for this use special cat pheromones or special litter for tray. Cats are scratched due to mental disorders. This statement is also not true. Sometimes cats scratch due to irritation, which can even be caused by a deficiency attention from the owner. Some cats may scratch during game time, if this happened, it’s best not to move and switch the attention of the pet to the toy. In addition, the reason for which the cat is scratching, there may even be a disease such as arthritis. This disease causes pain, which leads to animal in annoyance. If you notice that the scratching has become systematic, then naturally you need to turn to to the doctor. Cats “suck” life out of the newborn. Outright lies! Urban legend that cats take the baby’s vital energy remains a legend. There was no world not a single confirmed fact of such an incident. Moreover, cats and children can grow in close contact with each other and perfectly get along, however, do not leave the animal and child unattended adults. They don’t need special games, they themselves are wonderful entertained. False. Cats develop normally when they active. The normal development of the animal contributes to daily at least a short contact of a cat with its owner. Sometimes these animals feel happy when they wake up by the nose of their host in the morning. They like walks, they can be easily accustomed to leash. Cats never get along with other cats. False. Cats are often pleased with the company of other cats. If you took yourself two kittens, this means that they get along well. Besides this, depending on the breed of the cat, can even be brought into the house another, adult cat, over time they will take root, and will to be friends. The problem with scratching furniture is associated with poor behavior cats. False. Cats like to scratch, but this is due to the fact that in this way they sharpen their claws and relieve anxiety. This is the way the implementation of an excess of energy. Also, thus, an animal marks its territory. However, this problem is solved if you accustom scratch your pet in a specific place in your home. hate visiting a veterinary clinic. False. Cats need in constant veterinary examination. Unfortunately, a lot the number of cats do not see the veterinarian because of their owners who consider that such visits to the clinic cause the animal stress. Regular medical examinations are extremely important. They allow identify in the early stages possible diseases that, at times, may not appear. Most modern medical clinics have a great, positive atmosphere for animals. Often in such clinics have special waiting rooms for doctors. They have a cat can play and not have the slightest bit of anxiety. If your cat is afraid in the clinic – talk to your doctor about how best to arrange a physical examination. Cats are smart and therefore, they do not need additional training. False. At cats, after their birth, there is a period of socialization. Usually he passes during the first weeks of life (usually in the second – seventh week). During this period, kittens study and learn the world, they gaining experience on what is dangerous for them and what is not. This period is key in adapting the animal. Sometimes cats are not always can adapt to the outside world on their own. Specially for such animals there are special adaptation groups. There a kitten will help to build confidence in others and increase it sociability. Meowing cats absolutely nothing mean. False. Admittedly, excessive, intense meowing can be annoying. But the cat meows due to the fact that it a form of communication between the animal and you. Cats are well aware that they receive a response from you. Often, when a kitten meows, he gets caress from you. However, such voice calls may evidence of medical problems such as dementia, hyperthyroidism, and high blood pressure. Therefore, if it seemed to you that the cat meows is not quite familiar to you – consult your veterinarian for advice.

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